Friday, August 14, 2015

A Little Weekend Project I Did

I had gotten my entertainment center from a Facebook Garage Sale site back in the fall and it was dinged and scrapped but since it fit the area for my TV and also the price was great I figured I could make it work. Instead of repainting it I went with distressing it because...well let's face it...I'm lazy! I really did like how it turned out though, so much so I am in the process of painting other pieces for my living room and distressing them. A couple of weekends ago I thought I would practice on a table that was purchased at a garage sale about 20 years ago for $3.

I didn't take a picture when the table was together before I started but here is a picture after I took it apart and was in the process of sanding it. It is solid oak and had been painted grey and when I bought it I decided to strip it and stain it but well, that didn't work out all the way so it's just been sitting in my living room all these years looking like crap. You can see the grey on the inside of the table. 

I wasn't sure how many coats of paint I would need to do but this is after one coat and I knew another coat would help. I used Glidden black onyx flat and had bought a gallon since a quart just seemed like a tease, plus if it worked I knew I would do some other pieces. I've never done this type of thing to furniture before and was a bit leery of how it was turning out. 

After the second coat I thought it was looking a lot better. The flat finish wasn't floating my boat though. I did paint the inside of the table and the drawers because I didn't want it to look crappy inside and I felt the table deserved a little respectful beautification.

After letting all the pieces dry I went over the edges with my sander to distress it and I did have to hand sand a few areas. I knew at this point it was going to go great with my entertainment center and I would for sure being doing another end table and another little table I have in the living room. I got a spray can of poly-acrylic sealer but I don't ike how it turned out so I will have to get a regular can of sealer, in a satin finish I do believe, to finish it up.

And here it is all put back together and in it's place in the living room! It looks great after I added the new handles The old ones were wood and I couldn't get the grey paint of them.

My list of furniture to repaint is:
end table
coffee table
2 dressers
2 night stands

I might need more paint and sandpaper!