Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beat The Heat - Layout

It seems like so many towns are getting those splash pad water parks for kids these days I thought this would be a good layout for those type of pictures. And we all know it has been hot hot hot this summer but in Oklahoma it is always hot hot hot in the summer.

I'm not sure I'll ever cut this layout and sometimes when I design a layout I dont have any intentions of using it but always feel like someone can use it, or at least I hope they can. I told Carmen one day that I think I enjoy designing things more than making them. It's such a dilemma for me at times.

This is one I think could be embellished even more to be made super cute. Glossy accents would add ice water drops in places.

 SVG USERS - Be sure to do a select all and resize to 12x12 for elements to cut the appropriate size.


  1. Thanks Shirley, this layout will be great for pictures of my grandkids in the pool. Hugs, Brenda

  2. Thanks so much, such a fun layout!

  3. Thanks! You have been busy!!!