Sunday, February 23, 2014

Taking the Day Off!

Since posting almost every day since January 1st of this year I have decided to take the day off. Yep, that's project posted today!

I was telling my friend Carmen a few days ago "I don't think a lot of folks understand how much time it takes to keep up a website". It would be nice if I could just think about what I want on the screen and it was there but alas, that isn't how it works. Let me tell ya the little process I have to go through for every post.

1. Figure out what I want in a post, whether it be commentary or a project. For this example we will say project.
2. Make the project.
3. Figure out if I need to take pictures while completing the project, in case there are steps to include.
4. Set up my picture taking stuff *white backgrounds*, find prop stands if needed.
5. Take several pictures.
6. Choose the pictures that I think are best.
7. Edit the pictures.
8. Watermark the pictures
9. Save the pictures.
10. Write the post.
11. Upload the pictures.
12. Preview and make any edits needed.
13. Schedule the post.

So only 13 steps to the process but a few of those steps, especially making the project can be quite time consuming. The whole picture process can take quite a bit of time as well. I can't really give you pinpoint amount of time it takes because it really depends on the depth of the project and post. But I can tell you I spend anywhere from 3-5 hours a week minimum just getting posts ready for a week, that doesn't include anytime for making projects.

So ya see, this is why I am taking the day off! *okie wonders since this turn out to be longer than she thought if it really is a day off*.


  1. Oh I definitely DO understand what is involved in maintaining a blog ... particularly if you are a daily blogger. It's not only time consuming, but it can be exhausting as well. And even though you might get a lot of readers, there are times when very few actually post a comment (which can make you feel very unappreciated). Those are the reasons why I pretty much gave it up ... besides, unlike you, I really didn't have that many readers anyway. Perhaps I will go back to it some day, I don't know. But whether I do or not, I appreciate that you do. Not just for the awesome projects that you share, which I love. Not just for the wonderful files that you share, and I know many people are so grateful for them. Not just for your many "how-to's", which are extremely helpful. But also for the fabulous commentaries, which are thought provoking and usually have me laughting too. You've definitely earned a day off, but I also hope you will be blogging for a long time to come! (hugz)

  2. Okie, enjoy your day off and yes I understand the time and effort that it takes to do what you do! Take care.

  3. You deserve a day off, Shirley! And I must say that I enjoy coming daily to your site, and seeing what fabulous project you've made, or reading what you have to say!

  4. You make my day every day. I sure hope you feel appreciated because you are.😁😁

  5. You make my day every day. I sure hope you feel appreciated because you are.😁😁

  6. We all need a day off, or a week......LOL! I read your blog but I am guilty of not commenting every time. I know the process of posting. I have a blog and post any where from 3 to 5 posts a month. Not near as much as you do so I can imagine it is work!

  7. I'm coming out from my normal lurking mode to say I totally agree with you about it being a lot of work. I just started blogging 5 months ago and have a new appreciation for what goes into it! I'm not big on comments, either leaving them or getting them. For me, I just blog to enter challenges and share my cards with my BFF that lives 600 miles away. Keeping that in mind helps to keep me motivated to keep doing it. I think its important to remember why we blog, and not to feel pressured to produce. Enjoy your day off Okie! And thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us, even when we're bad about leaving comments! Also know that even though I'm not leaving comments, I'm smiling when I read your post via email :-)

  8. I don't comment much but I look everyday and usually you can get a big old laugh out of me or at least an ohh ahh. You do great work and I appreciate you sharing. :)

  9. I completely agree about how much work goes into posting on blogs. It is certainly a labor of love. Enjoy your day off.

  10. I think there are tons of us who read your blog often and just don't always post a comment, not that we don't care, but usually in my case because my boss walks by and I quickly exit, lol, but I would totally recommend that you take at least one or two days off PER WEEK so you don't get burned out!! You crack me up with your posts and I am really looking forward to meeting you in Orlando next month!!