Monday, February 3, 2014

Graphic 45 Bird Song Cards - Dream

Remember on Saturday when I said *okie wonders if anyone really remembers because she often wonders if anyone really reads her drivel or if everyone just looks at the pictures and moves on* I had some larger images from where I cut the bird images apart? Well these two images are not them *okie falls out of chair laughing* but they did come from another design I cut apart to use on several different cards.

I only made two of these cards because that is all I had cut apart at the time for some of the other images and I didn't want to hack up more because I wasn't sure how I was going to use the images.

The sentiment "dream" is once again done with stickers and was about the best sentiment I could come up with at the time but I think it fits the ladies expressions, like they are just daydreaming. The inside of these are blank as well and I think they could be used as encouragement or congratulation cards.

I wanted to show you how nice the stickers really are so I took a close up shot but I also wanted to show the layered butterfly that I added at the bottom of the card. The butterfly is done with the Stampin Up Elegant Butterfly Punch and I just punched it twice, glued down the center and then added a small bit of mounting foam in between the wings to keep them popped up.

Another good thing about this paper is that you sometimes end up with decorative strips, like the lettering under the portraits and the blue flower strip along the portrait and you can place those in areas of the card to help decorate it up a little more.

I have a few more cards to post using this paper and then we will be moving on to a series of gift bags!


  1. Beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing.

  2. As I already mentioned, I really like this paper ... but even more than that, I love the creative way you have used it to make these cards. The ladies to look a bit dreamy or wishful, so the sentiment "dream" works perfectly. Love the series of cards you are making with this paper ... can't wait to see the last set coming up.