Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chipboard Album - Forever Memories

This is a mini album.

I used a 6x6 mini chipboard album that my friend Carmen sent me. She sent me quite a few. I covered it with some paper and shit to decorate it.

This is a picture of pages of the mini-album. I used some damn ribbon on these pages.

There are some fake ass flowers on one of the pages here, both pages have some decorative paper put on them.

Here is the last picture of the mini album. I got all creative and shit and used some cord for the kite string.

That is the end of this mini-album.


  1. Still laughing at your "vivid" descriptions!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial - I needed the laugh today!

  3. Am I sensing that you are a tad burnt out on blogging? I'm liking the descriptions, tho.

  4. So descriptive......and shit!!! Bahahahahaha!!!!