Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Graphic45 Birdsong - Collage Card

Remember the first set of cards I posted and there were 12 and I told you there were 12 different ladies? Well I had to think of something different to do with those ladies and this is the result.

The background behind the lady is from the Jasmine Dream sheet, the same sheet as the larger image on yesterday's card. When I first looked at them I wasn't sure how to use them but I knew I wanted to use them in some form or fashion and then it suddenly dawned on me to cut out the ladies and put them on the background.

All the decorative strips are ones I had left from different sheets and like I told you the other day it is kinda nice cutting the papers apart because you are left with some nice strips to use on other projects. I think this was the card I was doing when I told my friend Carmen "At this point I am just layering my strips of paper on the cards and hope the chit turns out looking okay".

Here you can see where the lady is pop dotted on the background image giving her the look of being in the forefront. I think the photograph look of her against the artistic drawing of the background gives a good dimension *okie is suddenly quite impressed with her description on that and feels like she sounds all artistic and chit and laughs wondering if that beeotch Martha Stewart could do as well*.

I hate to hand cut since I feel like I have a machine that cuts and I shouldn't have to hand cut but I have to admit these didn't take that long to cut out and it was worth the little extra effort.


  1. These are beautiful! Love your eloquent description as well! LOL!

  2. I have to say that I have loved ALL the cards you've made with this set of Graphics45 papers. These Asian ladies have such a dream-like and wistful elegant quality to them. Can't you just imagine sitting in the garden where they are, a soft breeze blowing, smelling the sweet fragrance of the blossoms, listening to the gentle sounds of the birds singing, and dreaming your dreamy dreams? OK, I admit it ... I have a romantic side to me. But I truly do love these cards. Great job with them Shirley!