Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chipboard Album - Family

This is the last mini-album I did, at least for awhile.

I like this one because of the pretty flowers on the front. I made the flowers with punches. The leaves were left over, like the album before. The album gets worse from here.

These pages are kinda plain but will look better with some pictures where the white space is, or at least I hope so.

Click the picture to make it bigger and see more detail. I'm too tired to describe it all and you can see with your own eyes.

Fabric ticket, paper leaves, dew drops, ribbon and bling are used on these two pages.

I have some cards I could post for the next few days but that probably ain't gonna happen. I am swamped at work with intakes and treatment plans and they are sucking the life blood out of me right now. Not even sure if there will be a post for tomorrow, completely depends on how tired I am when I get home from work this evening.


  1. I love your little albums, so CUTE! hugs

  2. I don't think your pages are plain, I think they're flat-out gorgeous. They have just the right number of embellishments in my book. Of course, no one reads "my book." Ha! This is a beautiful album. I plan to try one of these someday, now that I have a Bind-It-All. Keep 'em coming!

  3. It is a nice album. I know they are a lot of work. I have one I was supposed to have finished last month but . . . . . :)
    Anna N.

  4. Really like this album. I tend more towards clean and simple on mini albums so the photos don't get lost. Very pretty - thanks for sharing!

  5. I like this album a lot.
    Not to much and not to little.
    But I likd your other ones also.

  6. Sorry you are so busy right now. It will get better. Always does. You sound so down in the dumps. Spring will be here soon ! ( I hope, I'm from Minnesota and we are in a frozen tundra ha-ha) :)