Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Wreath - File Available

One of the few Martha Stewart things I like is the branch punch that came out a few years ago. I have seen people use the punch to make wreaths and they are beautiful but after using that punch quite a bit I know how hard it can be to punch out the paper and when I saw this image I thought it would be a great wreath.

I do have 3 color layers but it might look good with even more layers. I didn't add any cuts for berries or such since I think it would be great with some Candi paper brads or the small "skittles" as we all called them a few years back, or whatever your imagination can think of.

Download File:
Winter Wreath


  1. Thanks for this file, I was one who punched and punched!

  2. Pretty, thank you for sharing.

  3. Ohhhhh ... I really like this wreath too! I was just thinking how dazzling it would be to add a few red crystals for berries. I have green and red paper, I even have the crystals ... now all I need is a pazzel, or cameo and MTC so I can take advantage of these awesome files you are sharing. LOVE THEM ALL!

  4. Thank you Okie!!!
    This will help a lot.
    I have this punch but with arthritis in my hands, this be so much easier.
    Thanks again!!

  5. I would have loved having this file but, alas, I don't have MTC, only a Silhouette Cameo. :(
    You have some cool files for sure.

  6. Thank you, I've been wishing for something like this!

  7. Thank uou!! So much better than the punch!!

  8. thanks for this file. I'm sure it will get used often.