Friday, January 31, 2014

Caught In The Act - Layout

Sometimes you get lucky and catch daily life in pictures that makes a great layout. That was the case for this layout.

I am always telling my daughter "don't feed that to Lucy" as I don't like her having much human food and one evening I was sitting at my craft desk, as I am most evenings *okie thinks every evening* and my daughter came in with a hamburger and french fries after work. She sat in the chair and of course Lucy had to sit with her. Once again I had told her "don't give that to Lucy".

Out the corner of my eye I saw french fries sneakingly being given to Lucy. I quickly grabbed my camera and as I pointed the camera I yelled "Caught Y'all" and the look on their faces was priceless!

The shading on the cuts really made a huge difference on how they looked. I wish I would have cut a few more sesame seeds for the hamburger bun but what's done is done...and it is done.

You can download the MTC file here:


  1. Priceless!
    Kathy Wyatt

  2. OMG ... talk about one look being worth a thousand words ... this Kodak moment is priceless!

  3. perfect layout for the picture!

  4. Awesome picture and layout. Lucy even seems to have the face of being caught. Thanks for sharing the file.

  5. too funny!! great camera action :-)

  6. Your daughter's face is

  7. your daughter's face is

  8. This photo is priceless and the layout title is perfect! Great layout!

  9. Hello, I love your work and have admired it seen getting my first Cricut machine in Feb 2014. I wondered if there is a way to turn this MTC file into a jpeg or SVG? I work with vinyl and would love to use this if possible.

    Thanks in advance