Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year Of Favorites

There has been so much that has happened over the last year but ya know I don't think I even need to go back and recap it all because you guys have been down this road with me. You were there for all the good, most of the bad and seen a lot of ugly! The comments I get on some of my posts truly touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes and let me know that there are people out in this world that I might never meet but for some odd reason they care.

I thought it would be nice to go back and look through the posts for 2012 and pick out one post from each month that is my favorite for whatever reason...so here they are!


January - My Friend Carmen - Layout

February - Spike It - Layout

March - Stamp Catalog - COMPLETED

April - Day 7-At Sea, Project 4

May - Little Ladybug Girl - Card

June - Innocent Mischief Card Series **DISCLAIMER**

July - Naughty Princess - ALL 8

August - When I Am Bored And Don't Feel Like Crafting

September - T-Shirts With Iron-On Vinyl

October - Little Sewing Project, Bathroom Curtains

November - Birthday Doily Card - Cricut Artiste

December - It's Hard To Say Goodbye

So there ya have it... my year of favorites in bloggin!



  1. Happy New Year!! Thank you for sharing your creativity, your sense of humor and your wonderful, wacky life with all of us. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up itch in 2013.

  2. Happy New Year to you also. And look forward to all of your posts in the New Year. Thanks for sharing both the ups and downs with all of us....kind of like talking to your neighbor..oops just dated myself... They don't seem to do that much anymore. Oh well. Have an awesome New Year.

  3. Happy New Year! I look forward to 2013 and what your inspiration leads me too = the good, the bad and the ugly!!

  4. A very Happy New Year - heres to a wonderfully creative 2013.

  5. Happy New Year. Please keep up the chit and the other stuff. I sometimes find myself laughing at some of the wonderful things you say. You brighten up a day.
    Many thanks. Keep putting your humor in your cards.

  6. Happy New Year. Please keep up the humor. It is nice to read something and laugh with you about it. Many thanks for your posts lasst year.