Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good New Year's Day

I am not sure where all the food customs for New Year's Day have come from and I guess I never thought about it until now. I know our family has always had Black-eyed Peas, Cabbage and Pork on New Year's and I have always tried to follow that tradition.

This year I tried a Pulled Pork recipe that was awesome! I did have to watch the cooking times as I think my Crockpot cooked faster or something. I reduced the cooking time for the main cooking and also for after adding the BBQ sauce. I haven't ever made Pulled Pork but it is a favorite of mine. I know I will be making this one again! Shiane and Chuck both really liked it, as did my cousin Teresa who was here for the day.

If you like Pulled Pork you might want to try the recipe which is linked in the above paragraph. It was super simple and tastes so good! Of course the right BBQ sauce always makes a difference and the only BBQ sauce I will ever use is Head Country...there is NOTHING better as far as I am concerned!

I also enjoyed the day with my cousin shopping. We went to several stores but the only place where I got anything was Goodwill. I was able to get 6 long sleeve shirts and 4 sweaters for $27! One sweater was too small for me but I thought my daughter might like it. It was brand new with tags, Liz Claiborne and was originally $70. It was a yellow tag so I got it half off which was a whooping $1.50! If I lose another 10 pounds my daughter is gonna have to unazz that sweater because I will so be wearing it!!

Shiane and Chuck went to look at a garage apartment they have been talking about for a week now and the man told them they could have it so guess they will be moving out. As much as I complain about them waking me up at night, and I can't believe I am going to say this...but I am going to miss them! Chuck said he will be over here all the time and Shiane agreed they will come over often. They are moving a full 2 1/2 blocks away!! I guess I need to start watching the paper and Craigslist for some living room furniture. Chuck was excited that the landlord said they could have a dog and he announced with a smile on his face "I am getting a dog. A real dog. A man's dog, not like Lucy". 

Hope everyone had a great New Year's Day!!


  1. Oh My! The "empty nest" syndrome, how I hated it when I was in that position. My Daughter left home to get married ... luckily, my Son stayed around for a while. When he did move, he never knew it, but I cried like a baby. (*sniffle*)

    They are both married now, with wonderful families and successful careers and I couldn't be prouder.

    Unfortunately, they both live in California and I live in Florida, so I don't get to see them nearly often enough. I still miss them like crazy. I am so happy that Shiane and Chuck will only be a few blocks away from you and there will be lots of visits.

    Best wishes to them both as they start life on their own. I do hope that whatever pup they choose turns out to be as wonderful a pet and companion for them as Lucy has been for you!


  2. I hope, if Lucy heard that comment, that she pees on Chuck's shoes! lol!

  3. Happy New Year Okie!
    I tried some New Year's traditions yesterday for the first time, I made black eyed peas, stewed tomatoes since I'm the only one in my house that eats port we had chicken instead.

  4. Lol. Chuck will come by often so he can sneak your camera to take pictures of his antics!

  5. Maybe you should have them over every Sunday for dinner!

    Kathy Wyatt

  6. My daughter, her husband and the grandboys are always at my house, usually at meall time. LOL. I tease my daughter that she is here more now than when she actually lived here. Our family always has the traditional New Years Day meal. My husband (a retired fireman) broils sliced hog jowl for the meat. Tastes like bacon. I have a family pulled pork recipe and you are right the secret is in the sauce. We use one that is more like a marinade than most. We ship and/or take bottles of it when we visit my niece in Orlando. she says it her bit of Tennesse in Florida.