Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ornament - Swag Bag Gift

Every year I try to make something special and personal for each of my party guests. Most years it is an ornament of some kind and this year I found one on Pinterest that I really liked and wanted to make.

Supplies Used:
Clear Glass Ornaments
Fake snow

I used wire to add the beads and feathers to the top loop of the ornament. For the initials I used Santa's Sleigh font and cut the letter in silver glitter vinyl and the shadow in white. I added fake snow to the inside of the ornament. There was also a ribbon loop for hanging added after this picture was taken.

Once I had the ornaments all done I needed something to present them in. I also wanted to make sure each guest could transport the ornaments home without fear of breaking. Make The Cut came in handy as I was able to make an ornament box fairly easily and also duplicate the cuts to cut multiples as I needed 12.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut
Make The Cut File - ORNAMENT BOX
Kraft Paper
Mica Paper
Stampin Up 2 3/8 Scallop Punch
Circle Punches
Microsoft Word

I used Santa's Sleigh for the word circle in Microsoft word and if you can't read it it in the picture it says "Here is an ornament for your tree, a little gift just from me!"

If you would like to make the box I have the links below. I am not sure how the SVG will come out in size but I know in MTC I have to click on "use actual" under the preview window for it to open to actual size. I used Kraft paper for the bottom of the box and Mica for the lid. I used a piece of clear plastic in between the main lid piece and the lid reinforcement piece so there was a window showing the ornament inside.

All the guests really thought the ornaments were nice and they were so simple to make. My sister pulled hers out of her box and immediately dropped it, shattering it into pieces. I was going to make her another one but I didn't have any extra ornaments. I guess I should have known to buy an extra box! I still have her box and ornament top so maybe I can find some more next year and fix it for her.

SVG - ORNAMENT BOX keep images grouped, size to 11.2457 wide x 11.3332 high, then ungroup images.

I would like to give a little shout of of "THANKS" to Reddy for trying out the SVG converted file for me so I would know if it worked! If you guys haven't checked out Reddy's blog REDDY'S RAMBLINGS you should really do so! She does some awesome work and shares her files! 


  1. Shirley

    Your custom box and ornament are both lovely.
    I'm super excited that you are sharing your files, as a mtc newbie I am super excited. I tried to find some of these glass bulbs at M's but they are sold out but as soon as I see them I will get a box to make these for next Christmas.��
    I'll download your fie to mtc as soon as I get back to my laptop since I'm on ipad here now.
    Thanks again, Kathy

  2. You put so much time into your party and does one get on the guest list! Lol. I love the ornament and box! You always inspire me!!