Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sharing Files Once More!

So after contemplating about sharing files that I will be using in Make The Cut I have decided that I will be posting most anything I use for projects on my blog for download. That means cuts for complete layouts, cards and other projects. The kicker is that I will be doing the files in Make The Cut and users of Cricut products will not be able to use them. I will also try to convert the files to SVG format for users that have other programs but some might not be able to be done.

From now on if there is a file in  post it will be located at the bottom of the post and look something like this...

MTC FILE - File Name With Clickable Link
SVG FILE - File Name With Clickable Link

I use Google Docs for storing my files so there shouldn't be a problem with ads or virus issues.

I honestly can't tell you guys how excited I am to start sharing files once again. I think what has me most excited is that you don't have to have a certain cartridge to cut the images but as long as you have the ability to cut a MTC or SVG file you will be able to use it.

Be sure to check out future posts to see if there is a FREE file for you to snatch up! As always, I won't be charging for anything I post. I make it, I use it, I share it!


  1. I remember a long, long time ago in the cricut forums where everyone was so nice and creative and shared their files.
    I have the SCAL and it still works with my cricut :) so I will be checking back. No more cartridges for me :)
    Thanks so much for doing this :)

  2. This is awesome news. Mostly, I am a lurker--I love hearing about your exploits, but I have the SCAL software and I love how it opens up the Expression--even if PC decided to limit their software and keep shooting themselves in the foot.
    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you!!! That is wonderful news! I used to love your shared files and I love MTC, so I'm in heaven!

  4. You are very sweet to share your files! :)

  5. awesome!!! thank you so much for sharing