Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Sewing Project - Bathroom Curtains

Almost a month ago I shared a post NEW AND IMPROVED...IS IT BETTER? about my sewing dilemma and how I loved my old Kenmore machine but was afraid it had seen it's better days. Linda has since brought the machine to me and she believes her husband might have fixed it but she didn't test it. I have yet to get it out to test it. I have however tried out my new sewing machine!

Since I was going to have some company in I knew the little bathroom would have to be used quite a bit I got on the ball *okie thinks it was a slow ball but a ball none the less* and make a shower curtain and curtain for the bathroom.

I did the shower curtain first and tried out which was fairly easy, or you would think it would be. I measured out the size and folded the hems for the sides. I measured out the top and bottom hems and then was quite puzzled on how to get rid of the bulk in the corners. You would have thought I had never sewn before! I guess it is one of those things that after you haven't done it in so long the information leaves your brain *okie wonders how much information has made it's round within her extraordinarily large brain* so other information can come in. After I was able to get the bulk down I was quite proud of myself!

The machine of course has some nice stitches built in but most of the time I always used a straight stitch. This time I decided to use the blind hem stitch. After some practice I had it down to a science as well. The next problem came using the "Easy One Step Buttonhole Feature". It took me over an hour and a half to use this super easy feature and if hadn't been for a video on the internet that I could stop, rewind, replay 50 times I likely would have never figured it out. The first one or two button holes were a little difficult but by the time I got to the last one I could whiz through them.

I had enough material to make curtains but I wasn't sure what type of curtain I wanted. I decided to just go with the split curtains that ties in the middle. I thought about using some ribbon or making bands out of the material but since the theme in the bathroom is beach I thought the jute would work as it looks like some rough rope. My daughter will tell you it was her idea, I just held it up and said "hey this might work" and she agreed. She is good at trying to take credit!

I know you might be admiring how well the lines of the material line up but I will be honest and tell you that the material was very wide and I just had to fold it in half and cut it down the middle and it was the right width to give a good gather. I did blind hem on the sides of the curtains as well.

Here is a picture where you can see both curtains together. Don't they look lovely?  I think they really brighten up the bathroom, especially with the bathroom being a mocha color. Enough sunlight still gets in the window and privacy isn't a problem since the window faces the neighbors wall and neither of us really go between the houses.

It really changed the look of the bathroom and it finally looks decorated after all these years!


  1. Wow, great look, I love the "split" curtains.

  2. Hahaha! I was looking at the picture of the window curtain and thinking exactly 'wow, she's good, look at how great those lines match up'...then I read the next paragraph. Too funny! You did do a great job, btw. And can't believe your daughter let you post that pic...or does she even know?

  3. Love them!....but, you so did NOT post that pic of Shiane????

  4. Your shower curtain and window curtains look amazing Shirley! I love the pattern and the colors especially with your wall color paint. Oh I also loved the pic with your DD in it sitting on the pot with her phone in hand. Too cute!!!

  5. you are bad, very bad! (Great pics).

  6. ROTFLMAO :) :) :) you are a bad mommy for posting that pic!!! Nice sewing job though!!

  7. Geez! I cant believe your DD is still talking to you after this post. I would have to sleep with one eye open! lol BTW. curtains look great!