Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Use To Craft

I don't know how many times over the years people would ask me how I was able to find so much time for crafting and I thought that an odd question but I would always answer the same..."I'm not married, my daughter is grown and I do what I want when I want". Well that has changed!

Right now my life has changed so much and I often long for the days when I could come home from work and dive into my crafting. Now days I feel so tired and run down most of the time from my multiple jobs that I have to do every day. I still have my full time job of course, but now I am also a taxi driver, a referee, a life consultant and I don't even know what else. With Chuck and Shiane living here there is little quiet in the house. I am always yelling for them to turn down the tv or "shut the hell up" when they get to playing around too loud or arguing to loud. My house use to stay spotless because I rarely cooked and the only other room in the house that was used regularly was the bathroom but now I am constantly repeating myself of "pick up your stuff" "I'm gonna throw that shit in the trash" "OMG! where did all this laundry come from?" "who used the last of the toilet paper and didn't change the roll?" "Stop being mean to Lucy!!" etc, etc, etc.

I had planned on taking pictures of the layout I made on Sunday and getting it posted today but by the time I finally got home, which was after 6:30 and got my notes done which was 9pm, I was just too dang tired to hold the camera and take pictures. Maybe I can get it done tonight....maybe....

While my life has changed I and I miss those quiet peaceful evenings I will be thankful that my daughter is a better person now and Chuck seems happier as well. I know we have to trade things out sometimes in our lives and right now I am making my trade I guess. Soon enough, at least I hope. there will be time for me to get back to doing what I love to do and have the time that I use to spend playing with all my toys and paper.

I know I use to craft and I will again one day. But for now I will just thank God for blessing my life with these two grown azz folks, who act like toddlers half the time, and remember that one day I will have more time for me again.


  1. Okie,
    Sending cyber hugs and well wishes for all that you do! Thank you for being a blessing to others.

  2. when the last of my brood drove out the driveway, i thought i'd never get over it. the quiet was just too much to bear. then i got used to it and even tho i get that twinge when they leave after a visit, it all comes back to lovin the peace/quiet and order in my home again! i know exactly what you're saying! but soon....it'll be quiet again!

  3. I tried to post earlier, but I guess it got lost in cyber space. Your post really touched my heart. I am dealing with adult children (and grandchildren) issues and while my life is complete chaos, I do remind myself how blessed I am. Having had empty nest a time or two, I know that this, too, shall pass. God bless you, Shirley!

  4. My poor Blog was abandoned long ago. I just didn't have the energy (or desire) for it. And, if I am being honest with myself, then I have to admit that I never really did. I only started it because of that dang DT we were both on for a while ... way back when!!!

    But I do enjoy visiting your blog. Whether you are showing us your latest crafty creation, or just chatting about the events of the day, or even just sharing whatever thoughts of whimsy that happens to pop into your head ... I enjoy it all.

    So do what you need to do ... and when you get the chance, I'll be right here waiting (just like the rest of your faithful readers).

    But, please be sure to take some time for YOU. Don't forget, you need some "ME" time too!


  5. I can relate-only get 10 minutes here and there to pop into my craft closet and then my dh says, "You're always in there!" Sigh. Hope stuff calms down for you a little more.

  6. Just remember we all need some Me Me Me time. I always enjoy reading what you share, be it crafty, ranting (most the time I am right in there with you) or about life in general. Maybe the "children" need a Cricut chore chart. Ha Ha

  7. Ha! You think it is bad now... Just wait till you have grand babies some day!!! Mine don't live here but most of the time I feel that they do. I sound like you most days LOL. The crib has been up in the guest room for 10 yes 10 years. Just when I think I will be able to take it down another one comes along, boxes with age appropriate toys go up and down the basement stairs like a yoyo. AND YES I DO THANK GOD EVERYDAY I AM LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE THEM AS MUCH AS I DO!!!! So blessed am I.
    Sandy R. MN