Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Fall Break

So someone please tell me why in God's Creation am I up before 7am and typing a blog post! I would love to say that it is my love and dedication I have for my blog and my readers that has me doing such a silly thing but come on ya'll we know that ain't true! Well not that I don't love ya'll or my blog *okie thinks blog....hate, love, hate, love* but who gets up before 7am when they don't have to work? Well I guess I do, and it's my parents fault!

As teenager I had a curfew of midnight and I was to be at home by then, not a minute after. Now I will be honest and say a few times *okie thinks more than a few times* I was at home by midnight but in the driveway sitting in Gary Keith's truck until much, much later and I reckon I felt I still made curfew since I was technically at home. I didn't make it one time and grounded myself for a week. *okie notices the odd glances, scratches to the head and the WTF looks on some faces* You might be wondering why would I ground myself and wellllll...ya'll aren't going to believe this but - I WAS A GOOD KID! There was nothing that could crush my soul like the feeling that I disappointed my parents. My parents got up an hour before the butt crack of dawn to head to work so I wasn't allowed to awaken them and tell them I was home. They always told me "once we wake up we can't go back to sleep". Anyway, I came in 15 minutes late and the next day when they got home from work I announced "I'm grounded for a week. I was 15 minutes late". I can still see the looks on their faces as they said "well, okay". Oh how breaking their trust could cause such guilt in my young mind *okie wishes kids were like that today*. Oh and the point the this whole little story is that I have become my parents...once I wake up I generally can't go back to sleep!

But back to Fall Break, or are we just now getting to it? I have great plans for this weekend! I gotta get cracking on my prizes for my Christmas Party since it will be here in a mere 6 weeks. So far I have nothing ready and that just isn't like me! I did sit down last night and make out a list of prizes for the auction and I think I totaled something like 48, which might be too many so we will see how that goes. I also got a list started for the swag bags. Some of ya'll might remember last year I gave each guest a Santa hat filled with goodies, if you would like to see what they got last year you can click -->HERE<--. Not sure what I will use this year but I will think of something *okie thinks she hopes she can think of something*. I do have a few things for the bags and did start working on another item last night.

I always stress about the party and wonder if I the prizes are good enough, if the swag bags have enough items, if the house is decorated enough, etc etc etc. Linda always tells me "you know you put way too much into this. You could just have us play Dirty Santa and everyone would be happy". But come on ya'll....we know that's not how I roll! I gotta make each party special and make sure all my guests are happy and having fun and I think they usually do! I am going to have a new guest this year, my friend Helen from Arizona, and I am so excited! We have talked over the internet for years and did meet in person a few years back when I was in Phoenix with my sister and she has always talked about coming for a visit and finally she is gonna make it!

I guess if I am going to get anything done I better stop typing and get to working. I gotta get some paperwork done this morning, drop Chuck off at the field house so he can leave for the away game, go by the office, run a few errands and then back home to craft craft craft! WISH ME LUCK!


  1. I'm still sitting here in shock unable to get past the fact that Christmas parties are in less than 6 weeks!! You have just added stress to my already stress-filled week!! Life is flying by so fast...

  2. I didn't know that Helen was coming! Looking forward to meeting her in person.

    Only 6 weeks? Wow! You better get busy! LOL!

  3. Okie! Don't stress! You know you have a great party when people come back every year and beg you for invitations!