Friday, April 29, 2011

Chocolate Cards Found!

I guess you guys decided they weren't good enough to eat and put them back! *okie eyes everyone suspiciously wondering who took them in the first place*

Stampin Up - "Eat Chocolate" stamp set; cardstock; markers; border punch; Decorative Label punch
Core'dinations - Chocolate Box
Cuttlebug - D'Vine Swirls folder
Scenic Route - Patterned paper
Spareparts - brads
Colorbox - Cat Eye Chalk Ink
Baker's Twine (see story below)

One word of caution when coloring not be watching NCIS and that hottie Gibbs. Here is the reason, because you get your stamp colored, get ready to huff and you don't pay attention and get the stamp on your lip. And, NOOOO I did NOT take a picture to show you guys! I have to keep some dignity you know!

I used my SU markers to color the images on the stamp. When using this method you get the images all colored and the "huff" or blow air on the stamp then stamp the image on your cardstock. This is something I learned during one of my first Stamp Club meetings. It does take a little while but I think it is worth the effort!

You definitely don't want to use alcohol based markers for this method since they are permanent and won't come off the stamp.

Now let me tell ya'll about this Bakers Twine. I love the stuff and the effects you can get from it but....I got mine in a share and it came in bags all nice and neat. I went to break it down in 20 yard segements so it would be easier to work with and OH EMM GEE did it create a HUGE mess! I threw it in the trash can because I got so frustrated with it! *okie can still hear the gasps from her facebook page of people who were appalled to think okie would throw it in the trash*. Here are some pictures to prove my frustrations.

Right now the stuff is still in the trash can. I may pull it all out, but I am not ready to forgive it right now so I might punish it for another day *okie cusses under her breath about the pain in the azz string*.


  1. OMGOSH!!! WHAT??? You threw it away! Girl you could have sent it to me! I totally would have fixed it and kept it nice and neat! I can't even look at that photo no more! LOL Love the card though! :o)

  2. Ok I'm not a quitter either. Love that chocolate card.....It's a keeper.
    Love your humor and talent
    Linda in Stanwood

  3. Glad you found your card !Love your card except it sounds a little to true ! :) I can't believe what you did with the twine !!!! I've ALWAYS wanted some, send it to my house ! My daughter and I will be glad to untangle it and give it a happy home !! I'll send you my address whenever you're ready for it ! :)

  4. I don't blame you with the twine. I'm sure you didn't throw it out on looks alone. Sometimes a good time out (in this case some can time) helps put things in perspective. Sanity is important!!

    Love the card, the chocolate cardstock is gorgeous...

  5. So glad you found your chocolate cards & are willing to share them with us! I usually don't like to share my chocolate. :D As for the bakers twine, yeah, I hear ya, I have the same frustrations, but you are tooo funny!

  6. I LOVE untangling yarn, so if you really need to, I would be glad to have you send it to me, I could untangle it, and for an "untangler's fee" I would be glad to send MOST of it back :)

  7. Cute the sentiment and my chocolate! I can see why you got frustrated w your twine...what a mess! If I lived close, I'd help you untangle it...I'm pretty good at that I'm told. It takes patience. Maybe after it's done w it's time out it will be more willing to cooperate. ;)

    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com

  8. I'm happy you found your card! I love it!