Saturday, February 19, 2011


That is all I can say about yesterday evening and night!

I noticed on one of my facebook posts there were two people that reconnected from the old Cricut Messageboard. Neither knew the other was on Facebook until commenting on a post I made and they seemed excited to see each other. That got me to thinking...YA'LL SHUT UP! I DO THINK SOMETIMES! *okie knows thinking is a dangerous game for her but loves living on the edge*...anyway, it got me to thinking of how many others on my friends list were wondering about old friends from the messageboard. I set up a group called OLD CRICUT COMMUNITY and sent out some invites. I figured I would have at least 20 and maybe even 30 people interested in being in the group. Here is where the SUPER CRAZY WOW comes approximately midnight my time there were 200 people in the group!

Everyone seemed so excited to see each other. There were a few problems. Some people had their mailboxes and phones get full really fast with the posts that were going on, but luckily I think everyone was able to get the notifications turned off. It was really kind of heart warming to read some of the postings going on where people were catching up with old friends.

There were a few other problems, like people's browsers crashing due to too much activity in the group. Even my own browser fell victim!

I am so amazed at how a little ol machine that cuts paper has been able to help people from all over the world form such wonderful friendships!



  1. Well - leave it to you, my "evil twin" to break the internet! It was fun but my computer kept freezing up and sending messages about a script - on Firefox - so I had to close out of Facebook.
    I hope we can find a way to make it work so the reunion can continue - Thanks for trying this.

  2. how fun for you all to connect and reconnect. I miss the old MB.

    Have a great time on your cruise. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. see leave it to the evil twin to keep the excitment going...WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!! now if only provacraft will listen up and change the format on the MB forum....they will have a lot more happy crafters :)

  4. I never got an invite.. and I just checked my email and there were notifications from there... went to see what it was about because I didn't know and it said I was a member of the group.. I didn't join any group...

  5. One person broke the internet, and I thought my problems were because of a rain storm moving through last night. (smile)

    What a great idea you had, and not to worry, Facebook has been super crazy lately and crashing everyone’s computers. Some day they will leave well enough alone and just let us communicate without them always having to change things.

  6. that is so amazing!!!

  7. I'm so glad when Okie thinks!!:) Thanks for doing this Okie!!! And yes Robin...we do love our Cricuts and Okie(even though she is getting to go on the cruise).

  8. That is so great , it works well when you think...........sometimes LOL!! I wish I had been part of it!

  9. Julene someone must have added you. I was going through my list adding people but when I found out they were getting tons of emails I stopped adding and had them do request to join instead.