Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are cruises are suppose to be relaxing?

Ya know as the cruise departure approaches stress levels are starting to get high about what to pack, not over pack and how much drinks will be! I thought this was suppose to be relaxing but I am finding it to be rather stressful. My BFF Karen and I were on the phone and yelling and cussing at each other about different issues about the cruise. Of course this is normal conversation for us and we had to laugh at ourselves and wonder what others will think of us on the cruise when we start in our own little conversations.

We have been given our class schedules, dinner times and a few other activities so we can be prepared to spend time with our fellow Cricut lovers. It sounds like they are going to keep us super busy during all 7 days *okie is now thinking being down in the engine room away from everyone else is a good idea because she can go hide and rest*.


  1. Don't stress! It will be fun! I am super jealous! I wish I could go! Have a great time and send us a virtual post card!

  2. I don't know about a cruise, but a vacation isn't relaxing. You're either looking for someplace, running late or running in circles trying to have fun. I always wound up going back to work to rest! LOL!

    If you're worried about other people hearing your and Karen's conversations, can you imagine what they'd think/say if I was on the cruise too? ROFLMAO!

  3. Relax. Most anything you forget you can
    a. buy
    b. borrow
    c. do without
    d. not even realize you forgot it

    You deserve to have a good time, so make a written list ( frees the mind of worry) and just go with it.

    IT WILL BE O.K., Okey Dokey, Okie?
    ((Geez, I crack myself up, then wonder if everybody says that to Okie all the time? Rats, now I am talking to myself where everyone can read it.))

    -waving from AR

  4. Okie, I am very happy that you are going on the cruise.
    I just wish I was going on it with you guys.
    Someday, I will get to meet all of you girls and then I will be one happy camper :-)
    Hope you( and I know you will) have a tremendous amount of fun..

  5. So where is your cruise originating and where are you going? I took a crafting cruise last fall and went through the same angst and looking back I wondered why. They tell you pack way too much and ya know your going for the fun of it. Vickie

  6. You know what they say in Jersey ... Don't Worry About It !
    Just Have Fun !

  7. I want to go on the cruise! How do you find out about the cruises for the future? Please post a link! Thanks Okie!

  8. if you drink one or more sodas a day you should buy the soda card.
    it comes out cheaper.But if you are like me and want cocktails then
    your room bill can cost as much as the cruise

  9. YES... Okie.... it is stressful BEFORE the trip... But once you get on the Ship and put your things in your room it will be alot smoother! TRUST ME! I took a cruise a couple of years ago with the hubby.... and we stressed all the way up til we got on the ship and then after you are on it.... the rest was FUN, FOOD, FUN, FOOD and FUN some more.... It's easy to tell ya not to stress about it but it wouldn't be true... So get all your stress out now and then when you step on that Ship... it will ALL Disappear.... I PROMISE! HAVE FUN!!!! Ohhh and purchase a drink bracelet.. this will cover you for the entire trip.... ask them about it... they'll tell you how much it costs to purchase one of those upfront instead of buying your drinks seperately... Just a heads up! :o)

  10. I hope you all have a great time!!

  11. I take it you're teaching some classes. I wish I could go. Really considered it, but the price was just too prohibitive. Maybe I'll get to go one day as a teacher! My long-term retirement dream!

  12. I went on a scrapbooking cruise 5yrs.ago and it was fantastic. First off you don't need that many scrap tools,they supply most for classes.Our cruise went to 4 islands and there were no classes for those days only after dinner.But there were sooo many shows,parades, drinking,gambling that we just "dropped by" made our entrance and exit,lol.Yea it's not very nice but I've never been away from all 5 kids&hubby for 7 days...It.Was.AMAZING. Oh and the drinks are pretty weak(bring your own rum) but delish and try to get the drink of the day with special take-home glass.Have fun :~D

  13. sounds like once you're there, you won't have to think about much of anything! AWESOME! ENJOY yourself and RELAX! you deserve it!