Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ready, Set, Blow Gift bag Card Set

Okay I have to tell you guys that it took a lot of will power not to cut a big "ME" and put on the inside of this card! But I resisted and it can be used for a child if needed *okie still thinks a big "ME" on the inside would be hilarious*.
Supplies Used:
Cricut Expressions
Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge
Cuttlebug D'Vine Swirls folder
Heat set studs
Signo UM-153 gel pen
MME Everyday Tango stack

I haven't used Sweet Treats in awhile but I have to say it is my go to birthday cartridge! I think I love every cut on there. Now with that said I do have Celebrations and like it but I just think the cuts on Sweet Treats are just so much cuter. I used Red, Orange Peel and Yellow Stickles to make the flame on the candles for the set. I think I got the "blow" too dark but ya live and learn and I am too lazy to go back and change it now. Besides that would be a waste of paper and I don't like to waste paper!

The shadow for the cupcake was actually quite a big bigger and I sized it down using Design Studio because I didn't want a shadow that thick. So if you think the shadow is off a little that would be the reason. For the icing on the cupcake I used Coredinations cardstock and after Cuttlebugging it I sanded it a little and then added Diamond Stickles. You can also see the little heat set studs a little better in this picture *okie wonders where she might find herself a nice heated stud and then suddenly remembers she forgot to put on her tinfoil had and knows her readers just heard her thought* uhhh...yeah a heated stud, like a wood block would be nice right now since my feet are cold *okie glances from side to side wondering if anyone is buying that and makes a mental note not to blog without her tinfoil hat anymore*.

So are you guys tired of the giftbag card sets yet? Hope not because I still have two more to be postin for ya'll to see!


  1. Another nice set! I need to message you on FB with a question...

  2. You are a GOOBER!!! Great job!! Love both..

  3. I never get tired of your posts. I especially like your "head" thoughts. I think it's funny that you work in the mental health and talk in the 3rd person. Yeah, I like that about you. Oh and, great projects too.

  4. Cute project! Love how you changed the shadow size. I always thought the shadows on this cart are a bit over the top!!!

  5. Such a pretty set. Love the colors and that cupcake is calling my name (belly growl). The cuttlebuged iceing is beautiful. The stickles takes it to the next level.

  6. OMG, you bust me up! I totally agree about adding the "ME", especially since the cupcake on the bag looks sorta phallic... or is it just me?!? Perhaps I need a tin foil hat too!!! Keep the gift bag & card sets coming. Love them!

  7. Love your card and I too would love to put "Me" on the inside!!!!

  8. What a great set Okie! I really like seeing these sets.... it gives me ideas... I don't normally decorate the bag but I'm thinkin' I should because yours look Fabulous! :o)

  9. Another cute set - TFS!


  10. Great card and bag...I really like the plaid paper too. I so want to be able to choose and use paper without feeling I made a bad choice or can't decide what to use. Thanks for sharing this project. Flame looks great too.