Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am brave.....or stupid...

Today is the 3rd day in a row for a snow day. Being the brave soul I am I decided to brave the elements, clean off the car and check out the roads for myself *okie is often impressed with her bold desires to go where others fear to tread*. It only took 30 minutes for the car to warm up enough to start getting the snow and ice off of it. Of course it took another 30 minutes to get the crap cleaned off *okie makes a mental note to treat herself to a deluxe grilled cheese later for being smart enough to fill up the gas tank before the bad weather hit*.

I have been hearing "the roads aren't too bad" "It's slick in some spots" "oh yeah they are fine". Let me tell you something...those people obviously have been sniffing too much de-icer, have had anti-freeze leached into their skin or are visiting from a more northern climate, oh let's say...THE FREAKIN NORTH POLE!

Thought I would share a few photos I took while out and about...

Here is a picture of the vehicle that went flying past me and then slide to a stop at the intersection *okie shakes head and thinks "idiot"*. My driving doesn't scare me when the roads are like this. But the other people on the road who think they can drive like it is a normal road...well they scare the chit out of me! Especially those with SUV's. But I got news for them, their big ol' tank will flip over a lot sooner than my little Metro will.

Luckily everyone else there was driving cautiously and I didn't even see anyone spin. I wish I had gotten a pic of the truck with the huge round bale of hay in the bed. Now that is something I am use to seeing!

Here is my street. It is bumpy. I don't mean country road wash board bumpy...I mean freakin rut, pot hole, 3rd world country road bumpy! I grew up in the country so I am still use to the washboard dirt roads of Oklahoma. Not that I like them, but I am use to them and know how to adjust accordingly to make my way down them safely.

That thing in the bottom right hand corner of the picture is the hood of my car. I didn't get all the ice off of the car but it is good enough for now.

Here is a picture of my house. I know what some of you are thinking "well that isn't bad, I don't know why she is complaining about bad weather". Well let me tell you something...Bad weather is relative to your "normal" weather environment. Don't tell me that we are not having bad weather right now and I won't tell you that you aren't having bad weather when an F4 tornado hits your town. I live in Oklahoma. We do not have the resources to get the roads cleared off because it is not something we are use to doing and it would be millions of dollars wasted on something that might or might not be used every year.

I did shovel the driveway a little after taking this picture. Well what I could shovel anyway. I quickly learned that snow shovel very well...the 2 inches of sleet under the snow, well NOT so much! At least I will have some pictures to scrap of this weather.


  1. Should you really be snapping pictures while driving if it's that bad out?!!? I'm thanking God that I am in within close driving distance of you! lol

  2. I was going to paste in a picture of my hellish conditions too-sunshine bright enough to blind you, swaying palm trees, golf course green grass, but yours iis much more fun to look at! **Razzi thinks Okie sniffed a little too much ATG tape and Mod Podge this morning before she decided to go for a Sunday Drive**

  3. I choose to think you're brave and I understand about relative weather. When we lived in Virginia in the late 80's the government was closed for 5 days because of snow since they didn't have the resources to get rid of it. Wisconsin wouldn't have even had a late delay school opening.

    You did very well and I'm glad you are home safe and sounds. Now please stay that way. hugs, eileen

  4. SUV's can be a problem up here too, thinking they don't have to adjust their driving for the weather. One time I was driving through 6 inches of unplowed snow and there were all these cars tailgating and I found a place where I could safely pull over and they all zooooomed past. Then I waved to them in the snow drifts where they landed. It was before cell phones were widely available. It's good to have pictures for your scrapbook :D. Glad you made it home safe.

  5. I always thin "what wimps" when I hear other people complaining about a little snow and ice! But you are right, when you don't have the resources to clean it away, it must really be bad. I live in Iowa where we get alot of snow every winter so it doesn't bother me. Yeah, it is a pain in the butt but we expect it. I feel sorry for people like you who don't know how to live with it. I don't mean that in a bad way or to sound condescending, just know we feel for you!!

  6. i so love your commentaries. Stay inside.

  7. They don't do a lot to the roads here in Jackson, Tn either. We have had more snow this year than most years, but snow and ice are two totally different animals. We usuallly get ice. I have heard many people that move here from locals that get lots of snow say " I won't have any trouble driving in the snow, never have. I tell them we don't get snow. We get ice.

  8. OMG, Okie! Stay your butt inside, girl. I just read about the vehicle that dropped into the river from an icy road in Miami, Oklahoma. Please be careful and for goodness sake -- put the camera/phone down and put both hands on the wheel if you do have to go out!

    You know there are tons of people out there that care about you . . . I'm just one of them! There aren't too many people in this world that share my wicked sense of humor! LOL!


    ~ Jen

  9. lol. You make me laugh. Keep warm.



  10. You are right. The roads don't look bad to me but I live in Minnesnowta so we expect lots of snow and cold.
    Our roads are full of holes too. It is certainly worse than washboard dirt roads. They will have to resurface them not just fill in the millions and millions of pot holes.

  11. Enjoyed your tour of the Oklahoma artic areas. Little surprised that you have a snow shovel as they get very little use there, but helpful if needed. True snow shovels easy but the ice frozen to the surface, not so great. I hope things warm up for you all soon and melts it all away. Thanks for the trip and go get that grilled cheese :)
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  12. Brave you are as I would have never tried to venture out! I could us a snow day so I can play inside.

  13. It is always the other people you have to look out for on the roads. There is always and idiot or two out there. Stay safe and warm, Okie!

  14. Loved getting out in the storm with you Okieladybug! Can only image the SUV that FLEW BY you and then slammed on the brakes-must of thought why the heck is that lady taking my picture......Hope you made him wonder WHY he pulled the stunt right before that. (your kind to be saying those words....I think my selection would have been a little more flavorful) Hoping you have that venture out of your system and are staying tucked inside for the rest of the storm (like that's even possible). Glad you got some scrappin pictures an now have something to do (know how bored you get when you don't have anything to do)! Super Hugs from Sunny (but cold the past couple of days) Arizona!

  15. Glad you survived your trek. The way you wrote that I thought of you as Captain Kirk, boldly going where no one has gone before - lol!

    It is all kind of relative because we have about the same in Ohio, a couple inches of ice with snow on top, but I wouldn't think anything about scrapping that - it's justa typical winter in NE Ohio.

  16. Okie, you crack me up! We actually had snow here in Central Freakin Florida last year!!! Not sticking to the roads or anything but you could scoop it up and make snowballs...CRAZY! This year I've had ice on my koi pond several times and we've had to scrape ICE off our windshields several times, but no more snow this year. I live near Daytona Beach, and that just shouldn't happen here!

  17. Okie, Thanks for putting everything in prespective. No car so I must be driven .. use to drive .. glad I don't now. Ohio is having "SNOWDAYS & MORE SNOWDAYS".
    Love reading your commentary. You go girl .. that is for the grilled cheese .. and stay home.
    WARM HUGS .. Joyce

  18. OH MY GOSH! I'm from Alabama and I was visiting a friend in OK last week. I have never seen so much snow. It was an AMAZING trip for me. I enjoyed every minute of the blizzard since it was my first. Thanks for the pictures and the memories.