Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 things I have learned about crafting....

I was over at my craft table making some cards when the UPS man came with my Oh My Crafts order WOOT WOOT *okie loves to see the UPS or Fedex or even th Post man* and I had been thinking about things *okie knows this is dangerous, especially without supervision but okie likes to live on the wild side sometimes*. So anyway I was thinking about silly things...so here it is...

10 things I have learned about crafting

1. Cutterbee scissors are very sharp...always keep bandaids around

2. No matter how many colors of blue cardstock you have you never have the right shade....keep credit card handy

3. ATG tape is very very sticky...never just put lines of it on your craft table thinking it will keep the cats off of the table

4. Ink gets everywhere...cat eye, pens, alcohol, you name it, it will get all over your hands!

5. If your Cricut is hungry it will eat!...yelling at it pushing, the stop button, hitting cancel on DS or any other method will only angry it and make it eat more

6. Undu is a must have...especially when you stick down a photo on a LO upside down

7. If you only have one sheet of paper you love you will mess it up...always buy in 3's!

8. If you buy one punch you WILL buy more.......every shape and size there is, there needs to be a 12 step program

9. If you go to the scrapbook store for just one sheet of 79 cent paper you will spend at least $20...again keep credit card handy

10. If someone posts a neat or cute product on the Cricut Messageboard it will soon become in short supply....AGAIN I STRESS KEEP CREDIT CARD HANDY!!


  1. Great list. I hope that you don't mind I used your list as a starting point for making my own about Stampin' Up crafters. I put a link back to your site from my blog:

  2. oh Oakie never a truer word said. there's something to be said when you get to thinking girl.
    I'm rofl here as it's all so true

  3. I have a #11: If you start scrapbooking you will not stop until at least 3am :)

    I love this list, it is all so true! I neglect work because of the cricut. I love your blog, keep making awesome crafts and ideas!

  4. LOL!! Thanks for the comedic relief today, I needed that :)

  5. Every single one is so so so true.

  6. It's like the 10 Commandments of Crafting! I couldn't agree more with every single one! I'm not even crafting right now -- I'm at work 60 miles from home -- and I've got ink all over me! LOL!!!

  7. Uhm yes those silly scissors are sharp. I just cut my hand open with them. Gues I better scrap the pictures of the stitches. LOL

  8. So funny and cute but ever so true, LOL!

  9. How funny, yet true. I, like you, have just learned to live with it. Why fight it?!