Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I doodle....

I got to thinking of why I have been doodling so much on cards lately. I do love the look that hand doodling gives a card. It seems to give it that extra touch of something sometimes when a card looks to plain. I like the different colors you can use and also the different techniques such as using a glitter pen, white pen, etc.

But after sitting here and thinking about it I think the main reason I doodle is because I am lazy!! I am just too lazy to go over to the sewing machine and change the thread color and sew on the card. I can probably doodle faster than I could sew. Not that I am slow at sewing *okie almost put slow sewer but then decided that sounded really bad* it's just that I can sit there at my desk and doodle quicker than trying to find the right colored bobbin thread and right colored top thread.



  1. I think you are anything but LAZY...AND I love your dooling

  2. Well, i find doodleling VERY HARD TO DO :) mine comes out too cartoonish, too messy :) ... yours do not... and as for LAZY, you are anything but; i enjoy your blogs and creations; they take a lot of energy :)

  3. I love everything you do and appreciative your sharing. Please stop by my blog and pick up your award.

  4. Forget changing the bobbin... I just go with whatever's in there!