Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well it is Monday night and I still have so much to do and such little time to do it in!! I got my friend Karen's flight booked for Wednesday, she will be landing in the afternoon and my friend Carmen will be landing that evening. My other friend Carmen (yes another one) will be flying in on Thursday afternoon.

My DD and I have been working hard on getting things done but I still have boxes of decorations everywhere and things to throw away. I have vacuuming to do, stove to clean, laundry to do, windows to wash, prizes to wrap.....heck prizes to finish!! My party is at 7pm on Saturday and I think I will be still getting ready at 7:15!! WHEW!! I gotta stop waiting until the last minute to do things.

Actually I had great plans for Saturday...but alas, my body did not cooperate. I got a nasty little stomach bug and was down for the count, a WHOLE DAY WASTED!! The guest room is ready.....so far that is the only thing! HA HA HA My DD and her boyfriend got the lights up on the house and the tree decorated. I have my Santa collection out and floral arrangements in their spots. I am living the dining room to my friend Karen, she did it last year and did such a good job I figured she could do it again!

I so love having my annual Christmas party and it is always a lot of fun. I will be having a bigger crowd this year I do believe....I am still not sure who all is coming but so far the count is somewhere between 12-14. I generally keep it to around 10, but what the heck!! LOL

Maybe after the party is over and things have settled down I can get back to creating again. But right now.....I am off to finish dusting my room!!


  1. Sound like you are going to have lots of fun!! Enjoy, and take some pictures Okie!


  2. Okie! You are going to have soo much fun! Enjoy your party!!!

  3. O WOW yes take Pics so we can pretend we was there..:O)