Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bye bye Miss American Pie.....

DROVE MY CHEVY TO THE LEVY AND THE LEVY WAS DRY.....oh sorry... I know I can't sing worth a darn but I sure love trying!! *okie notices people covering their ears* OKAY!! I am done singing, you can uncover your ears now!! SHEESH!!

Oh yes the reason for the song. I made an PIE ADJUSTABLE cut file. The file has a whole pie and a pie slice on it.

The pie is on one mat, but again you can paste to other mats if you like. The screenshot was taken with things unwelded to show a better picture.

When adjusting the image follow these instructions:

1. Adjust the pie to the size you are wanting.

2. Move your pie crust rim on top of the pie and use the double arrow handle to fit it over the pie and then slide it out.

3. Then do the same for the pie pan.

These are the cuts you end up with on the whole pie cut file. As you see the whole pie is there, the pie crust rim and the pie pan.

Here is the pie slice. I forgot to take a screenshot of the individual pieces *okie wonders if anyone will think she is just to lazy to go back and take the screenshot.....because she is* , and I think they are on two mats, and the mats are labeled. Again the screenshot was taken with pieces unwelded to show color, but they are welded on the file. I double checked!!

To adjust just follow these instructions.

1. Adjust the pie crust, which is the base to the size you are wanting.

2. Move your pie filling on top of the pie crust and use the double arrow handle to fit it over the pie. As you can see the filling goes all the way to the end so use that as a guide also. Then slide the filling piece out and paste on another mat or on the mat you are on and cut your pieces accordingly for the cricut to cut.

If you are wanting a meringue pie I think you could just cut the crust a second time on the slice in an off white and cut it accordingly with your scissors. And for the whole pie just cut the base in an off white and then do your crust and pie plate in the colors you are wanting.


  1. You are tooo creative today... love it.

  2. You are tooo creative today... love it.

  3. This is to neat Okie! TFS!! TammyKlein

  4. I love this pie~ Thank you for sharing it - I am so glad you are back to posting - I missed you Lady!!


  5. Thanks for sharing this very yummy file.

  6. I think you are so talented.
    thank you zo mutch for sharing these great files.

    take care Linda from Holland

  7. Thank you!
    Your cut files are wonderful!
    You are wonderful for sharing!
    Take care,

  8. Thanks for the adoorable cut - you are so talented!

  9. The pie looks delicious, thank you for sharing them Okie!!

  10. Okie,

    Thanks so much for sharing all of your hard work with us. I love how your joyful spirit comes across in print. Love your laugh. ;-)

    ~craftykaren~ (cricutmb)