Friday, December 12, 2008

Got teeth?

I had made a tooth file some time ago and then I decided to make a TOOTH LARGE file. This file will cut two at a time. The tooth fairy should leave at least 5 bucks for these beauties! HA HA HA

I might just have to dig around in my .cut files and see what other goodies I have that I can post on my blog!!


  1. Thank you for the teeth I am a dental hyg. and of course I need teeth for my scrapbooking pages, although molars are 3 rooted! Just kidding these are perfect.

  2. WELL DUH!! Why do you think these had to come out? The other root rotted!! *okie cracks up laughin*

  3. You are so funny Okie... thanks so much for being so willing to share your wonderful creations....

  4. Great Job! These are very cute! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for being so kind and sharing your talent Okie. I need to make a tooth card for a friend that has had all his teeth pulled. Hope it cheers him up.


  6. Hello, Im having problems with the designs studio cut files. i plugged in the usb cord to my laptop and my cricut machine . when I try to cut the file it asks me for all the cartridges that you used before i can cut . Is that the case . Please email me back and let me know. this is my 1st time using the design studio and Im lost