Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do your cards ever....

Evolve when you are putting them together? I had two really cool stamps given to me by a MB member some time ago and I have always loved them but never could decide how to make a card with them, until tonight. I stamped about 13 images I think. Figured if I messed up I would have plenty more to work with! HA HA HA

Here is the first one. I used my Purple Cow trimmer and the deckle blade to cut out the stamped image and then just attached to a dark color red cardstock. The swirl is from JOTS.......it is the steam from the cup. I looked through other carts but I think the others all were too flourishy *okie wonders if that is a word, and decides it is probably not but uses it anyway*. I did add ink to the flourish to make it have a distressed look. I used some foam mount to pop the image off the card. Of course after I got it together I thought "you idiot! Why didn't ya use the cuttlebug on the card mat!"

And so out came the cuttlebug! I used the Distressed Stripes and liked it but it tore the paper. I was able to salvage the piece enough to use. I then went diggin in my folders and thought I should use a different one on the next one so it didn't tear.

Forest Branches.....yep, it worked. I think I still like the look of the Distressed Stripes better, but at least the branches didn't tear the paper!! I also added maroon eyelets instead of the brassy brads. I think I like the brads better though. I also attached the mat of the stamped image to the card and then used foam mount on the stamped image. I do like it better this way.


  1. Beautiful card Okie... I hope you have a very merry Christmas. Thank you for your willingness to share your wonderful creations

  2. Very nice. What I like about it is that it's an "any purpose" card. Would work well for birthday, thank you or even as a note card. I really like the Cuttlebug embossing on them!