Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have really been getting into punches. I don't have a lot of them but what I do have....well they are starting to get a work out! My friend Scrappinbee brought me a few punches when she came to visit *okie knows Bee is totally addicted to punches and thinks Bee has some sorta evil plan to get okie totally addicted as well*.

I got to lookin at the Daisy punch and thought hhmm.....that could be a poinsetta. The punch is from the Whale of a Punch series 2, by EK Success. I did two of the red and one of the green. I was just playin around so didn't take a lot of time making them but I think these will be nice for NEXT year's Christmas cards!


  1. I love this -- I have used this punch over and over, but never for poinsettias. How did you make the detail on each petal? And are those stickles for the centers? Great job -- thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

  2. I just love it... where did you get the punch at?

  3. Those look great Okie!! I totally feel ya on the stamp addiction!!

  4. Beautiful!
    You may be on the way to enabling us all in your new addiction Okie!


  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Okie BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I had your eyes...:O)
    U can see things I never would a seed be 4!!! THANK UUUU