Thursday, March 15, 2018

Graphic 45 Time To Celebrate - Girl With Doll

Getting back to the Graphic 45 Time to Celebrate cards that I was posting...this one is definitely a birthday card!

Supplies Used: 
Various Cardstock  
Organza Ribbon
Ribbon Buckle
Mounting Foam Squares
Westcott Titanium Non Stick Scissors 

I should have written details after I made the cards because now it is hard for me to remember for sure what all I used and did to make the cards but I'm trying my best to remember.

I cut the frame from one image and then added the girl from another, including the banner. I pop dotted the frame on another background. I had to cut a piece of edging to go on the right hand side of the frame so it would size right. That is one of the great things with Graphic 45 papers, you can always find something to make your ideas work and people will think you are a creative genius when the credit really goes to the paper designers for always making sure there are different images that can be cut out and used in other ways.

I double matted the frame on white and then pink paper because the base paper was busy and I didn't want main image to just wash into the background.

Inking always seems to make a world of difference to me. I always complain about doing it and I do try not to ink at times but with these type of cards it seems to really help the images stand out a little more. *okie raises her hand, stands up and says "Hi, I'm okieladybug and I'm an obsessive inker*.

I've had ribbon buckles for quite a few years and I always forget to use them and actually found them while digging through my embellishment drawer looking for something to use with this card. I have a hard time using them on cards because I always wonder if it's too thick to go through the regular mail but I'm trying to get over that issue. The ribbon is actually from one of those instant bow things and I cut it apart to use just as regular ribbon for cards. I think I got them for like a nickel a piece or some ridiculously low amount at the local bargain store. 

The white doily looking paper is cut from one of the Spellbinders Moroccan Accents die set and it just kinda gives the ribbon and buckle a nice little center.

Hope you guys aren't tired of seeing these because I have several more from this paper collection to post!


  1. Very pretty! You come up with the best cards!

  2. I'm not one bit tired of this paper ... the design, the colors, the images on it, I love it all. You done it proud with this delightfully sweet card with it's pretty embellishments. Yep, I love it all.

    1. Glad you're not tired of it because I did a total of 12 cards from this collection LOL

  3. Fussy cutting and inking for the WIN!! I especially love the curvy banner!

    1. Thank you Rhonda! I always think the inking gives a project a nice finished look. It can be time consuming and I often complain about it but when I try not to ink a project just doesn't look as polished.