Monday, May 22, 2017

HTV Onesies - First Project after Tote Review

I know some folks might be curious about how my Explore is doing after my CRICUT TOTE REVIEW where I threw it off my porch and then tossed it around my yard so I thought I would go ahead and get this posted before some other projects post. I am happy to announce that the dial is functioning just fine after I put a few drops of super glue on the shaft and then glued the shaft to the dial. You can't even tell it was ever broken! The machine cut wonderfully, although I did get a few shockwave errors during cutting *something that irritates okie to no end* and was scared the program was going to shut down during the middle of my cutting but I waited and it cleared up. Oh how I love my Explore Air 2 but hate that dang software!! Thank goodness I only use it for cutting!

I found some Onesies in my craft closet last week that my friend Carmen had given me quite some time ago and made up a few of them for my great nephew Lane. When he was born I made a BABY FRAME and a NAME BOOK and this is the first thing I've made him since then. 

I admit I cheated and did a Google search *okie cheats like that a lot and thinks everyone else probably does as well* and found my ideas. I still have 4 more Onesies to do but not sure what I'll put on those. I think I have an easier time making girly stuff that boy stuff, especially since ya don't use glitter or rhinestones for boy things, at least not this little boy. 

This is a picture of little Lane, it was taken a few months ago. He is such a happy baby and is always so good when we all get together for family day. He rarely fusses and is always smiling! I don't think I'm biased about how cute he is since I will say if a baby is ugly. After all, when my child was born I took one look at her and said "oh she's ugly" but luckily she got cute real fast, otherwise I was going to have to send her off somewhere! *okie cracks up laughing*

As you can see, the Explore Air2 survived my review process and did a fabulous job of cutting out the HTV for the Onesies, even the finest details were cut as if it had never been tossed off the porch or across the yard! GO CRICUT TOTE!!!

If you would like to purchase the Boy Onsies HTV Designs  click the "Buy Now" button and follow the directions that are listed below. Purchase includes all 4 designs as pictured.

Once you hit the "BUY NOW" it will take you to Paypal where you can pay for the item. Once purchase is complete Paypal will redirect you to "Return to Merchant" where you will given the link to download the file from Google Drive. 

Price: $2.00


  1. Love those onsies ... so perfect for a little guy as they are so boyish, but in an adorable way. Speaking of adorable, that's exactly what your great nephew, Lane, is. His smile is so dang cute, it makes me want to reach through my computer screen and snuggle him. I can almost hear him giggling!

  2. Love all your onsies, so glad your Explore survived your vigorous test. FYI you can use the newest DS version go to You will not get shockwave errors there