Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Card Organization

As most of y'all know I try and keep things organized and often change organizational systems for things in my craftroom several times before I get things how I like them so why I haven't thought about making little tabs for my cards is beyond me!

I needed to get some recently made cards out of one of my drawers and put them in my card boxes and that is when I thought I should get my cards in a little bit better of order. I just cut some pieces of heavy cardstock and then separated my cards by category so I can quickly find what I want. I had the boxes already labeled but this will make it a little bit easier rather than flipping through all the cards to find what I want. I started to get out my label maker but there was a Sharpie just laying  the drawer next to me so I opted to use it instead. 

I got these boxes about 7 years ago I think at Walmart on clearance and they have been working quite well for storing my cards. I think I need to get busy on some birthday cards since that box isn't quite full. I have been doing a lot of cards that can be used for about any occasion and that box is rather filled up right now. 

I have a hard time with where to put odd size cards, which to me is anything other than A2 size, because they can't go in the boxes lined up all nice and neat....and ya know that bothers the heck out of me!

I'll be working on some cards using dies soon since my Gemini is suppose to arrive today! After cutting with all the dies I did a few weeks ago my shoulder was so dang sore I could hardly move it and my dang wrist felt like it was on fire and I am hoping the Gemini will help take care of that problem because it sure sucks getting old and having arthritis and carpal tunnel. 


  1. No question, you are the Queen of Organization. I am in awe at the sheer number of cards you have immediately available. But I have a question about the Birthday box ... have you thought about putting dividers in for headers like family, friends, male, female, co-workers, humorous, sentimental, etc., or is that over the top?

  2. Yep, I had to finally organize my cards too Shirley, but you are and always will be Queen of Organization just like Carol said! Love how nice and neat your cards look and how you can find what you are looking for. Hugs, Brenda