Thursday, October 6, 2016

Santa Bag, Santa Sack, Whatever You Want To Call It

A lot of you know the whole rage about the personalized Santa Bags or Santa Sack, which ever you wish to call them and I have been wanting to make some but didn't really have a purpose for them until recently. When I was in Houston back in August my friend Carmen gave me two that she had purchased that only needed names and I did one for my Godgrandson Carter and my great nephew Lane.

I had ordered 6 bags off of Amazon months ago because I want to do a few for some children I know and since I had the heat press out for the T-Shirts I decided to try the bags then. 

After checking out several images on Google I came up with my own design that I really liked. What I did notice is that I have to turn up the temperature a little more and press a few seconds longer than on a t-shirt and I think it is because of the canvas texture. 

While I would love to share this file I won't because I know people will be using it to make the bags and sell their own so I figure they can make their own file instead of profiting off of mine. I know that is not my normal feelings about sharing my files but sometimes I gotta just keep some things to myself. 


  1. Awesome bag/sack Shirley, I love your design. What a great way to wrap up those extra large gifts that are always so difficult to wrap. Putting a big red bow on something is nice ... but this is so much better, and a lot more fun too. I don't blame you for not wanting to give away the file ... you give us so much already, it's time we learn to do a few things ourselves. Although you didn't mention any plans to make and sell them yourself, I hope you do. After all, you're going to need a little extra Christmas Cash to fill these delightful Santa Sacks up with goodies for the special people you'll be giving them too.

  2. the bags are great, and HELICOPTER NO!! don't give it away. You give enough. I would buy them. I've been trying to contact you for the covers, but I can't do the outlook thing to reach you. If you email we can connect.

  3. OMGosh, these bags are awesome Shirley!!! Great job with your design, I love it. And I think you should keep some files for just yourself, you are way to generous as it is. And really if someone can't design something like this they'd better hang it up. lol Hugs, Brenda