Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's No Fun To Browse The Internet!

It's really no fun anymore. It use to be fun back when you could browse the internet while seeing and reading cool things. But's just a pain in the arse!

For instance, you go to look at some kitchen makeover stories on the Better Homes and Gardens website and you lose the whole picture of the kitchen makeover because of all the ads and pop ups. I'm not sure if I was looking at a kitchen here or if I was trying to buy a house, a truck, drink some whiskey, watch a video or decorate for Christmas. Do the folks who design this chit not know how this interrupts our sensory abilities to focus on the subject?

When I tried to read an article about some unusually marked dog the page was full of ads and then it wanted me to click "NEXT" to continue reading, which I did not since I have found that those kind of websites make you click through like 284 pages *okie knows she is exaggerating but it doesn't feel like much of an exaggeration* to read a 3 paragraph article. Not only that but there are all these annoying suggested reading's below the photo that most just lead to...YES! ADS!! And of course there is more ads in the side column that want me to book travel, cook a gourmet meal, hang my Christmas stockings or learn how to get beautiful. Why does the internet not think I am already beautiful! Are they spying on me, oddly enough I keep a little piece of Washi Tape over my camera eye on my laptop because while I am not a paranoid type I do know that people will hack into your computer for fun and see what you are doing by taking control of your webcam *okie won't mention that she would totally do that to others if she knew how* . It's all so distracting from what I am actually trying to see and read.

If you want to see 31 Hilarious Baby Photos you have to go through a slideshow, clicking 62 times *okie didn't go through and check to see if it was 62* because there is actually 2 photos for each photo and they are on separate pages. IT'S FREAKING ANNOYING! I JUST WANTED TO SEE CUTE BABIES!! Why can't they just put it all on one page and let you scroll through instead of wasting time clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking annnnndddd clicking!! Not to mention that other pages pop up and you have to find out how to get past it in order to get back to the dang cute babies!!

Didn't the internet use to be a lot more fun and simple? Now it's just a maze, or web if you will, of just making us see ads, accidentally click on them where we lose our original subject and then giving up all together. I've decided it's just no fun to browse the internet anymore!


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you!! I might make it through 1 or 2 pages, and then click out of it because of frustration! We can only hope that oversaturation swill be their downfall!Shellee

  2. Get AdBlock Plus for your browser! It's free.

  3. You hit the nail right on the head! I get frustrated as well!

  4. I so agree Shirley, it totally drives me nuts. It's not even worth it anymore. Of course it doesn't help tht I hate change and changes are always happening lol Hugs, Brenda

  5. I agree. The Internet is full of people wanting to lead you to an article but you have nothing but clickbait because they want to make money on All the ads along the way. So many arrows and ads the Internet is actually boring. Kathy Wyatt