Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today Is The Day!

So the next time you hear from me I will be in sunny or maybe rainy Florida, either way I will be on my vacation! WOOT WOOT! I got everything packed up and just have to toss in a few last minute things this morning. I gotta go see a few clients before leaving out this afternoon. My daughter is taking me to the airport and on the way we are stopping at my sisters so I can drop off Lucy. My sister and brother-in-law are dog lovers deluxe and they spoil Lucy rotten, figure it will give her a little break from Willy Wonka as well.

During all the hustle and bustle of getting ready I didn't get my notes done from Monday and Tuesday so I will be having to do those once I get to Florida. I guess that would make it a working vacation and I wonder if it would be tax deductible! HA HA HA

I can't wait to see BFF Karen and spend some relaxing time by her pool before we go on the cruise and spend some relaxing time by that pool, a beach in Nassau and a beach in Coco Cay. I hope the weather cooperates and we get to go to Coco Cay because since you have to be tendered over there they cancel the day if the wind is too high. If we don't get to go then that will be okay to. Karen and I opted for the Premium Drink Package on the ship so we won't have to pay individually for any soda's or alcoholic drinks. I think our bill at the end of the cruise pretty much consists of our drinks.

The day we get back we are meeting up with a bunch of crafty friends for lunch at Bahama Breeze and a game of "Dirty Crafter" which will be played like Dirty Santa. I will even get to finally meet the infamous Enfys! You guys might know her from Going Buggy.  If you don't know who she is then you should check out her site, she is uber talented and I bow down before her greatness! There will be quite a few of us from the old Cricut Messageboard in the group and it is always great to connect in person with people you have been friends with online for so long.

Well I'm outta here for a bit and will be checking in off and on over the next week and a half.


  1. Safe trip! Have tons of fun!

  2. Hope you have a nice, relaxing, awesome, safe trip. Enjoy yourself.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun ! Hope you enjoy yourself ! I especially wish I could join you for lunch in the end ! I too would love to meet Enfy AND you ! :)
    Anna N.

  4. Enjoy your vacation Shirley ... I hope you and Karen have a fabulous time each and every day. Looking at the weather forcast for the next several days, it looks like you might get both sun and rain ... but mostly sun, so bring your sun screen! Looking forward to seeing you, Karen, Enfys, and all the other ladies that will be meeting up at Bahama Breeze on the 21st. (Now I'm off to do a little "Dirty Crafter" shopping). HAVE FUN! =)

  5. Bon voyage !!!! Have a blast.

  6. Make the most of it! It has been a hard winter.

  7. Make the most of it! It has been a hard winter!

  8. You have a whole lot of fun lined up, with a great bash at the end. what fun to be able to travel with your BFF.
    Enfys' coming across the pond. She is incredible, as is the rest of your group, i'm sure! all that talent together in the Bahama Breeze. You all will be busting the place up - i mean with laughter not the chair busting kind!
    Looking forward to hearing about Florida (will you get your notes completed?), the cruise (Premium Drink package - watch out! am anxious to hear how that works for you), and the Bahama Breeze get together (who's gonna win the Dirty Santa).
    Bon Voyage Okie!