Monday, March 10, 2014

I Hate Getting Ready

for vacation! I always worry if I have everything packed that I need, if I got everything done that needs to be done and when will I get to craft again! The good thing about going to Karen's first is that if I forget anything that I need to take on the cruise is that she usually has it or I have time to go buy it before we set sail.

The only thing crafty I did this weekend was color some images and then I was upset because I didn't scan them before I colored them. Luckily a friend of mine saw the picture on Facebook and she has the set and is going to stamp some and send them to me. Once she told me the name, Stampin Up Farm Fresh, I was able to find a set on eBay but with her sending me some images I won't have to buy the stamps. I know I will use these for cards in the future but not sure what papers I will be using and I won't have time to mess with them before I leave on Wednesday.

The rest of my weekend was spent coloring my hair, packing one of my suitcases, and mostly reading Cruise Critic for reviews of the ship and cruise I will be going on.

If you plan on a cruise and want information I tell ya that Cruise Critic Forum can't be beat! You can even go in and ask questions and there are usually folks who are ready to answer anything you want to know. I was able to find out a lot of information about the ship and the stops we will be making. There were two really good reviews that included pictures and everything.

I guess I will be busy this evening getting today's paperwork done since it is a full day of clients and notes. I still gotta get some things done before I leave out for Orlando on Wednesday evening. Luckily, I won't have to worry about Lucy since she is going to get a little vacation herself and go stay with her Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Steve while I am gone, she loves them dearly!

Okay off to my busy, busy day!


  1. cruise critic is my bf once we book. i agree, you can learn alot from the people who've 'been there/done that'. have fun! i hope you take pics of the infamous enfys get-together!

  2. Have a wonderful trip! I know what you mean about packing for a trip and making sure everything is done before you leave. Keep us posted!

  3. Have a wonderful trip!! Be safe!! Liz

  4. I know you and Karen will have fun... where are you two going this time? Give Karen a hug for me.

  5. Have a great trip & be safe! I hate leaving the house and wondering did I unplug everything! That is always my worry. Love those stamped images. They look fun.

  6. I had to crack up when I read your post. Packing for a trip is the MOST STRESSFUL part of traveling for me. That's why I keep a packing list (of the essentials) in my computer and print and use it every time I have to pack to go somewhere. My man thinks I'm nuts, but it keeps me from forgetting stuff LOL! Cute images by the way!

  7. I know with you there everyone will have a great time.
    Don;t forget to take lots of pictures if you can. So all the rest can have fun looking at them.
    Have a safe trip!!!