Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stampin Up Perfect Blend - Rule The World

There are only 4 pieces to the Perfect Blend stamp set, the cup, the lid and two sentiments. I have to say I love this sentiment because it is so true for me! LOL

I cut quite a few of the cups when I was trying out the SVG file because I knew I wanted to make at least two designs and that meant a total of 12 cards *okie is convinced the need to make multiples is a blessing and a curse*. Some now after making this card and yesterday's card I ended up with 5 cups left over, that is an odd number...odd numbers bother me.

I used my Stampin Up Tag punches for the sentiment and then some twine to attach the tag to the cup *okie wonders how many Stampin Up punches she has and looks over at the wall and then closes her eyes and decides not to count them as she might be ashamed of how much money is hanging on her wall*.

Okay, now I'm off to enjoy a cup of coffee before I start packing my clothes, only 4 more days until I am outta here!


  1. Love the layout on this card. Is it one that you came up with, or did you use a sketch from someone/somewhere else?

  2. Great design ! I love the card !!
    Anna N.