Sunday, June 2, 2013

Glitter Organization

First let me say I have been working diligently on converting files and I think I am starting to get bored with that and finally start making some things least I hope so!

I wanted to show you this little shelf thing. It is actually an electronic cigartette display case. Our May's Drug Warehouse closed a few months back when Walgreens bought out the company. The store was having a huge sale and selling everything in there, including some of the lighting fixtures...NO JOKE! I had to stop by on my way out to McCalls and I got a tall standing display case, that I haven't done anything with yet but I will. I saw this little gem and figured I could use it for something, especially since it was only $3. I have had it sitting on my table since then and had a few things in it but knew I wanted the labels off there and hadn't actually decided what to do with it until last night.

Chuck had some of his little friends, okay probably big friends since they are football players for the local university, to cookout and watch a basketball game and I told him they could have free reign in the house and I would stay in my craftroom. Big sacrifice on my part I know! HA and HA! And that is when I decided to go ahead and organize stuff on the little shelf.

I had to use some Undu to help me get the pricing labels off the shelving but it was pretty easy to do, just a yukky little task. I didn't get the side labels off and they aren't going to come off easily so I will either get some spray paint and paint it or cover it with some paper and modge podge, not sure which I will do yet.

What made me start this project was that I had gotten my Doodlebug Sugar Coating glitter in from Happy N Scrappin and I needed to put it away somewhere. Shari is still working on closing down her online store and has some items that are 75% off retail price if you purchase 10 items from the same page. It is NOT mix and match, the items have to be from the same page, so if you decide to go over there and check it out just remember that little tidbit. I have the small bottles of this glitter that I have been using very sparingly and now I can be a bit more generous. I would still like to get the larger bottles of the colors I am missing.

I went through some of my embellishing items drawers and pulled out a few things that I thought would fit on the shelving. I was able to put all my Stickles and Liquid Pearls on the bottom shelf.

The shelf up from that has Doodlebug Glitter and flock, small bottles are Doodlebug and the large ones are from Hobby Lobby that I got one year after Christmas.

My Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glaze, Pearl Pens and Glossy Accents and Crackle fit on the next shelf nicely. I still have an empty shelf to put something in.

I am going to enjoy having this on my table so I don't have to go pulling out drawers to get to these items and to tell ya the truth...I think it just looks nice!!


  1. You always find the greatest stuff. Everything right at your fingertips.

  2. Looks awesome, love what you did with it.

  3. What a great find! Looks like it will work good for you....wonderful job!

  4. oh my thats alot of glitter and stickles lol

  5. If you could just share a thimble's worth of your creativity with me, I too could be a crafty queen!! Just amazing how you re-purpose!!