Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Double Wall Tumblers - Dollar Tree

Recently my cousin Teresa called and asked what I was doing...nothing of course! So she came down to spend the night. She wanted to go to Dollar General and get some double wall tumblers for a Christmas project. We had made some for her grandkids at Valentine's day and they really loved them. We were able to find the tumblers for $2.50 each and she got quite a few so we could fix them up. When Teresa checked out the cashier asked her if she wanted her receipt and Teresa said "No, don't think I will be bringing anything back". Quick lesson...always get your receipt! I had told her about the glass cutting boards a friend of mine had done, I can't say who since they are gifts she has made, and we decided to go to Dollar Tree and see if they had any of the glass cutting boards.

After browsing around and not finding the cutting boards we were on our way to leave and what do we see? A basket full of double wall tumblers! Jokingly I told Teresa "I should just push the whole cart up to the checkout stand". Teresa quickly said "I can take those other ones back to Dollar General" and then we remembered she didn't get her receipt. Luckily my daughter works at the store and I was able to call her and have her dig the receipt out of the trash! I knew I wanted the blue ones for a project I will be doing later on this year. There was only one clear and Teresa didn't care what color she had. She counted out the ones she wanted and I got what I wanted and that left a total of 4 tumblers in the basket. We shrugged and decided to take those as well. So we managed to take every tumbler in the basket and put them in our basket, which we got a good laugh on that one. My lovely daughter had Teresa's receipt ready when we arrived at General Dollar and we were able to quickly get her money back, it saved her something around $20 I do believe.

I posted about the find on Facebook and my friend Joy, aka Happy Happy Joy Joy, promptly went to her Dollar Tree and snagged up some of the tumblers. She also made a post about some other cool finds at Dollar Tree that crafters can alter. You can see the post HERE.

Later on I showed Teresa once again how easy it is to do the vinyl in Make The Cut and we discussed the Silhouette Cameo. She has talked about them before and her daughter would love to have one for projects. We started looking around at the machines on the internet and she was able to find a good deal on a Cameo on eBay that even came with some vinyl...so she bought it! That reminds me I need to call and ask her if she got it yet since that was last weekend.

My friend Chelle brought her daughter over to see me a few days later, as Makaylah kept telling her she wanted to she me, and I made her a cup. Makaylah also kept trying to snag various ladybugs in my craftroom and Chelle told me that Makaylah loves ladybugs. I did let her have a magnet from my craftroom and my fridge and told her the other stuff was mine and she would have to get her own. That's when I rememberd the tumblers and decided to make her one with some ladybugs on it. Half way through she said she wanted a butterfly on there as well and I told her "too bad, you are getting ladybugs". I don't think she knew the difference.

I wanted to get a picture of the tumbler done but Makaylah promptly wanted me to put juice in her cup and then wouldn't let go of it for me to get a picture. This was the best picture I could get of the cup and I am lucky I got it! She really loved her cup and knows it has her name on it.

It's hard to tell in the picture but I did a shadow of her name and welded the ladybugs to the shadow and then did the top layer in lime green. Next time I will have to remember to take a picture before handing it to the recipient. Especially when it is a 2 1/2 year old toddler who loves ladybugs!


  1. She is so cute! I am going shopping and the tumblers are on my list of things. Do you use the 651 vinyl on the tumblers?

  2. Very cute!, i may need a trip to dollar tree!

  3. How cute! I've got to get my hands on some of those tumblers...Christmas is looking good! Lol

  4. Adorable! She is such a cutie!! And the cup is fabulous! What font is that?

    Thank you again for the tip about the cups and linking to me. Today's project is making 18 of them for the various teachers my kids have. HUGS!! Joy

  5. :D Just an FYI Did you know when the tumblers are in stock at DT you can also find them on the DT website and order them from there? I've bought them in the store, being very careful to choose unscratched, undamaged ones and had good luck, but found when I ordered them online (ship to store so no shipping cost!)they were packed great with only two lids being damaged - which I promptly took back to the store and they immediately exchanged for me without any hassle! The only thing I didn't care for with DT online was no ability to pick your tumbler colors - but I was satisfied - about half my case was clear!

  6. Thanks for the heads up re Obsessed with Scrapbooking. I will also put tumblers on my shopping list.