Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Use To The Pazzles!

I was so excited when I got my Pazzles and that excitement went away quickly when I tried cutting some things and a few times I almost cut through the dang mat! One of the reasons I wanted the Pazzles instead of the Cameo was because of the power, not realizing the very reason I wanted the machine was going to be a like a toothache when ya don't have to a bit of Novocain around!

With that said I would like to say I am LOVING the Pazzles now! It took me some getting use to because there is a very large range in the pressure, a 0-50 range to be exact, in the Make The Cut software cutting options. I finally started figuring out some of the settings and then I would forget them so I decided I needed to keep them recorded.

After just writing on scraps I decided to use my Stampin Up Tag punch, the large one to be more specific, and writing the settings on those. I do try to write the company name if I know it, such as Stampin Up, DCWV etc. The one that says "designer" would be papers like Basic Grey, Bo Bunny, etc. When I get more ambitious I am going to punch holes in the tags and add the tags to a ring or something so I can just flip through them. For now, they just stay stacked up on my crafting table where I can grab them easily.

Oh and thank you Tuki for asking me to post this! She wanted to "pin it" for future reference.


  1. I feel sooooo special!! Thank you for posting this, chica!!! I've already "Pinned" it! I don't know why I never thought of this idea... Oh right, I'm not you! LOL

  2. Thank you, thank you! I've been having the same struggle with my Paz. I keep adjusting the blade and I get a mess quite often. Another gal told me to work more with the pressure settings so I LOVE your idea and I did Pin it!!!
    I think cutting white paper is my biggest problem - just can seem to find the right brand although the good ole DCWV cardstock packs with the sort of linen finish have been the best so far. I also think that going in a slightly rounding any sharp point/corners helps (video on the site somewhere LOL).

  3. Oh I am even more excited that I found your blog... because I have the pazzles machine as well. I've had it for 7 years now and its the BEST machine that is out there in my opinion. I am so happy that you were able to figure your machine out! There is a learning curve to it but once you learn your machine, oh its love!!! Will you be sharing cut files in WPC format then? Also, do you have the tri-fold card in SVG format? I saw that you did it with the MIC software for the gypsy but I don't own the gypsy and although I also have the expression, I have never once hooked it up to the computer or used the Cricut craftroom. In any case, please if you could, email me at joann6274 at gmail dot com as I have some more questions for you and maybe there is something id' be able to help you with regarding the pazzles. thanks my new friend!

    ♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥

  4. oh okie, im so glad to hear I'm not only one with the problem with pazzle. I too bought it, came home and when the blade would not cut through the paper, I changed the blade pressure and nearly cut through the "new" mat. I freaked out. I became fustrated and covered my pazzle. It sits pretty on my craft table. You have inspired me to challenge that dang machine again!

    keep the posting coming

  5. I purchased the Pazzle a couple of years ago. I also have Cricuts. I purchased the Pazzle because of Provo Craft. Provo Crafts make machines and accessories, infiltrate the market and then decide not to make the machines or accessories again. I didn't get a gypsy - thought it would be around - wrong! I have the Imagine - thought cartridges would be around - wrong! If you think about a cartridge too long - its gone - wrong move or non-move on my part! At least with the Pazzle I have the opportunity to use whatever picture from where ever source. I'm still teaching myself about importing or saving clip art. I haven't dared to cut chipboard yet - will do it soon. Thanks for the heads up about writing down the pressure for future cutting.

  6. I purchased my Pazzle because of Provo Craft. They saturate the market and then stop making machines and accessories. I have the Imagine (187.00 - WalMart midnight sale) - they stop making cartridges. I never got a Gypsy - too slow to figure out the need for it. Cartridges are put out to pasture. Thanks for the heads up about notating the pressure when cutting. At least with the Pazzle, I can cut any graphic from any source I can find on the internet - including those similar to the "retired cartridges".