Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes Ya Just Go UGH...lee!

I haven't been able to spend much ME time lately and last night I decided it was time and that I would just sit and craft all evening, never mind my paperwork, the kids, laundry, boxing up crap or anything else.

I looked through some card sketches and couldn't think of anything and then decided to do something with polka dots. I got some paper out and started cutting. I am finding this is not a good idea. I should always plan things out a little more because I ended up with some GAWD AWFUL UGLY AZZ CARD! I was on the phone with Linda and told her "I think these will be going in your card box to give away". She laughed at me and when I posted a picture on her Facebook wall she said "well I am glad YOU said it was ugly" *okie thinks Linda could be a bit more supportive and understanding and lessened the blow a little but then she would be one of okie's favorite bitches if she did*. All I could do was just think "UGH...lee!!!".

I think the problem was that I didn't really have anything in mind and I just kept cutting paper and then decided I needed to use what I had cut so I didn't waste the paper. I did ink some of the edges but it still wasn't doing it for me.

I decided to set it aside and will see if I can't salvage this ugly azz thing tonight and hopefully I will have something decent out of it to post and show you tomorrow! Ya'll keep your fingers crossed!!


  1. I so know what you mean about UGH cards. I have done the same thing many times. I know you can jazz it up and it will be beautiful
    Linda in Stanwood

  2. Really not bad, you just need to stamp a greeting on the lower right area :) Send it to me...

  3. I agree with craftygirl. A sentiment would make it nice.