Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Organizing...Card Cardstock

Organizing and re-organizing is something I do often. Sometimes I think I do it more than I craft but then again...NNAAWW, that can't be!!

I had to re-organize my cardstock for cards when I got my Stampin Up order because I had ordered some new colors and also ordered some I was close to being out of *okie doesn't think she will ever have enough Chocolate Chip or Old Olive*. I can't remember off hand if I blogged about re-organizing my card cardstock a few weeks ago but I do know I posted about it on Facebook *okie thinks her CRS that her friend Helen, aka DCdoll, diagnosed her with years ago is kicking in again*. Anyway remember the folders that I found during my dumpster diving adventure? Well I used some of those to organize my card cardstock *okie wonders if anyone is wondering why okie keeps saying "card cardstock" and thinks she might need to explain*.

First off let me explain about my "card cardstock", it is cardstock that is 8.5x11 inches. I use it almost exclusively for making cards. Most of what I have is from Stampin Up because I love the quality and thickness. Linda, aka LGuild, and I disagree about it being too thick. I do have to admit that if I made cards for the purposes that Linda does that I would likely agree with her...but then again I might not just so we would have something else to disagree about, we like to do that you might know this by now.

Anyway, I finally got around to re-organizing it a few weeks ago and got it all sorted by color. If you will look to the right of your screen you will see it all nicely stored away *okie listens for the oooo's and aahhh's and beams with pride and has a smile the size of a 10 inch plate on her face* yes I know...I know....IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!! I love being able to see the colors so I can easily grab the file folder I need to get the color I want. It is so much easier than having it stacked on top of each other.

When I got my new cardstock in earlier this week I went about to putting it away and had to move some of the carstock around in the file folders and also added a few so they weren't too crowded. If you will look at the tabs you can see where I cut the label apart and taped it on the tabs so I will know if the cardstock is Stampin Up and also easily identify the color. This will be great for when I get low and need to reorder a color. It really is taking the guessing out of for me.

I am still convinced that my dumpster diving experience of finding these file folders was a once in a life time opportunity and I feel the stars in the cosmo's *okie wonders if she is going over board...shrugs...and decides she isn't going over board* were really watching out for me and wanted me to have my life a little more organized so they made it possible for me to find the fantastic file folders!!


  1. Hi Okie
    Thanks for posting this great idea for cardstock storage. I'm always looking for storage ideas (currently clear and unmounted stamp storage). I'm hanging out for you to post about your ribbon storage. Your blog is very entertaining and I look forward to my "okie email fix" everyday.

    JennyKay (Queensland, Australia)

  2. You are too funny! Thanks for sharing this idea. I have a growing stash of 8.5x11" card stock this would be great for.

  3. Okie, I'm impressed. I assume tht this is all solid color paper. How do you do your print paper?

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. You found a great idea for cardstock storage.I`m looking fot those folders too.
    Carola(from Holland)

  5. Looks great! Nice rainbow of colors.

  6. If I saw that in the dumpster I wouldn't think twice. I would be in there. LOL
    I am struggling with my 12X12 I want it so I can see it and get to it without a lot of fuss. I would love it standing up in a drawer. Those white ones from Michaels are junk. I have one and the paper is to heavy and the d_ _ _ thing won't open without a lot of work. What do you do for 12X12

  7. You and me both have CRS....I also love paper, paper and more paper....I file mine in 13x 13 folders. Each color has 3 tabs one for solid one for patterned and one folder for scraps in each section. They are in large file boxes that my husband made. This has made it so easy for me to find what I want. Now just figuring out what I want is the big challenge.
    Linda in Stanwood

  8. LOL.... You crack me up! I agree with you on the SU Cardstock! It is my "Go TO" Card Cardstock all the time! And I can NEVER have enought Chocolate Chip!!!! LOL
    I buy at least 4 packs of that color everytime I order! Plus the Dimensionals! LOVE THEM!!!! Ok.... Theresa needs to stop drooling over Stampin' Up Products! LOL
    I like your organized files.... they look like a pretty rainbow! :o)

  9. You heard me?? I didn't think I oooo...and ahhh'd that loud..OK, maybe I did..cuz that sure is pretty!!!can't go wrong with SU!!!
    FYI - organizing is a CRAFT!!! ROTFLOL!!
    I'm like the others...what about the 12x12 papers??

  10. Love the vertical cardstock storage!! Maybe I can do something like this when I reorganize my craftroom! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!!

  11. GOOD GRIEF!! Okie is ALWAYS RIGHT!! I have ALL my SU organized by name....Duh! when I want a color lets say green I have to get out my old SU color wheel and the new SU color coach and look at all the names of greens I have...its time consuming...OKIE to the rescue!! Putting the colors TOGETHER will be so much easier..ROTFLOL!!! SO GLAD Okie is SMARTER than me!!!

  12. I remember very well when you found these.
    I kept thinking that I should be so lucky.
    I just wish my craft room looked as good as it use too.
    You honestly can't walk in there. Just totes and totes stack on top of each other.I haven't even used my cameo yet. My Son did find the MTC on his computer as the other idea that I told you about didn't work. But I do have the new version. But all is not lost as I still have the old version somewhere in that craft room. It will be found......SOMEDAY :) :)