Friday, February 10, 2012

I GOT 'ER DONE! Been Busy!

But I can't show you! HA HA HA

I am attending a Swarm in Norman next weekend and some of us signed up to participate in a Valentine Swap. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I sat down yesterday evening and decided what to make. I had to make 16 so I wanted something fairly simple. I will tell you it is a project I have made before so it isn't anything new or exciting. I am afraid to even say anymore than that because I don't want to ruin it for those receiving.

I really enjoy going to the Swarms and getting to meet new people and seeing some of my friends that I only get to see at Swarms. We always have a great time and do a lot more talking that creating...oh wait, that might just be me. Oh well, I now do layout kits and I have mine done for the Swarm so I am good to go. I do need to get my kits out and see what supplies I need to take, like inks, markers, bling, etc in case there is something I want to embellish with.

I have been busy on Facebook the last few days with the Cricut Cruise group and trying to keep information posted on the Cruising With The Cricut blog. We are getting to know each other on Facebook so maybe we can be better acquainted on the ship. My friend Sandie and I are trying to keep up with the questions that new cruisers have and it will help now that the travel agent has joined the group. I remember last year there were so many questions some of us had but there really wasn't any much information available so it is nice to be able to help those who are curious and maybe even a little nervous. I am getting excited about the cruise and we only have about 7 weeks until we sail! I am also excited about going down to Houston and spending the night with my friend Carmen. I wish Houston wasn't so far away but then again if we lived closer we might get in trouble a lot!

I have some plans for this weekend. I am hoping to get a little crafting done but I am more excited about the DVD release of Breaking Dawn! My friend Lisa and I are planning a Twilight series marathon for either Saturday or Sunday. The weather is suppose to be nasty and cold so we might as well enjoy staying in the house. I told her I would make tacos for us and I even got some popcorn, the old fashion kind you have to pop on the stove and some butter topping to put on it! Hopefully we won't forget to get some Sugar Babies to enjoy with it! If you have never tried hot buttered popcorn with some Sugar Babies you should! You just put a few kernels of popcorn in your mouth, toss in a Sugar Baby and chew....MMMMMM!! The perfect combination of salty sweet goodness!

I really need to get some pictures edited and post some projects on here but I just keep crafting and not getting the crap posted...I really suck at this craft blogging sometimes! HA HA HA


  1. enjoy your week-end...and where do still find sugar babies???

  2. Popcorn and Sugar Babies!!! That is incrediable, as a child/young adult I use to do the same thing. Well guess it's not a regional thing since I'm from the Southeast side of the states. Enjoy your weekend. I will be thinking of you and your friend.

  3. Do you have a post about how to make your page kits? I'd like to see how you get one ready. Thank you!