Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vintage Santa using ProMarkers

When I went to stamp club last week I found this stamp of a vintage Santa Claus and I fell in love with it. I was wanting to use some glossy paper my cousin Lisa sent me and wondered how I could incorporate ProMarkers with the glossy paper and this card was the result.

Letraset now has a blog where you can learn more about their products! If you would like to check them out then hop on over to LETRASET OFFICIAL BLOG.

I wish I could tell you who made this stamp but it was just in a big tray of stamps and I didn't look at the maker at the time. I used Memento ink to stamp with and it did well on the glossy. I did have to wait for it to dry a bit longer than I do with the regular cardstock I generally use. I also had to be careful not to let it "slide" when stamping since the glossy paper is a bit slick with the ink. FINE! I will be honest, I did ruin 2 images that way and that is how I know! *okie frowns* Hope you are happy now! *okie crosses arms across chest and gives a long hard huff*

I used two different Martha Stewart snowflake punches to add the snowflakes on the front. The photocorners are an EK Success punch. The sentiment on the front is a clear sticker by Paper Studio. I put it on a piece of Mica cardstock and then cut it out.

The image is pop dotted *okie thinks everyone is probably thinking "yeah we figured that much you dumb butt"* and you know I have an addiction to that...just like I have an addiction to inking the edges! I used a silver Signo Gel Pen to add the stitching and dots to the front of the card.

I found the inside sentiment on the Hallmark Greetings program that my friend Linda, aka LGuild gave me. I wanted something that went well with the stamp and I think the talk about the evergreen trees just made the right touch.

I punched a few branches with the Martha Stewart Branch punch and added them to the inside just for a little nice touch. I would have added berries but I didn't want to go overboard and besides it was getting late as I was finishing up...OKAY OKAY I WAS TOO LAZY! *okie sighs and rolls eyes and hates that her readers make her be so honest about crap*.

The coloring didn't take long at all. I only colored part of the image so it focused on the Santa Clause. I used Pear Green and Pastel Beige for his gown, dress....uh whatever it is. I first colored with Pastel Beige and then went and blended in with the Pear Green. I first tried with Pear Green and Marsh Green but it was just too dark and bright *okie wonders if that even makes sense* for a vintage image.

For the coat I used Crimson and nothing else. I think the close dots of the stamped image did well enough for shading.

On the fur I used Ice Grey 3 and on the beard there is a touch of Pastel Beige. You might have to click the picture in order to see the coloring in those areas.

I tell ya'll what, I am really enjoying my ProMarkers! I am glad I ordered the extra 24 colors I did and I am thinking after Christmas and the cruise I will be ordering a "few" more markers! I have 64 right now and there are 148. I don't know that I need all 148, but I might!!

On a side friend Enfys has a giveaway going on right now at her blog GOING BUGGY for a set of 10 Promarkers! Just check her Monday December 6th post for details!

Carol H evidently knows the stamp if you guys are interested, here is what she had to say...
"I have that stamp!!! It says 2005. Paper Inspirations, . It is named Father Christmas. I got it last year and love it. I think I got it at Hobby Lobby."

So if ya like the stamp at least know you know where it can be purchased! Thanks Carol!!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! Carmen

  2. Okie, this is beautiful!
    Of course you "need" all 148! Who do you think you are kiddin'?

  3. You have got some skills Shirley ... I would not have thought that a stamped image with this much detail would color so well, but it looks wonderful and holds true to the vintage look too.

    Another beautiful creation!


  4. Oh so pretty, oh so pretty! You out did yourself this time!
    Loving the card!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  5. Amazing Okie! I will enter that giveaway! TFS

  6. This is absolutely the most beautiful handmade Christmas card I've seen. The colors you used are perfect, and I love that you only colored the focal image. WOW!!! I'm trying not to start a new addiction, but you're making it really difficult for me. Off to check out the new blog.

  7. Beautiful! Your coloring is fantastic!

  8. Oh my this is a beautiful card. I am in love with the vintage look.

  9. Shirley!

    Wow, you know these kind of Santa images really get me in the mood for Christmas. REALLY!

    I'll check out the markers but they look really neet-o. I've so been resisting the whole marker scene.

    Kathy Wyatt

  10. Okie...This card is absolutely beautiful! Your coloring is perfect! Definitely a inspiration to try some of the more detailed stamps that I have.

    The LO is really adorable..Makes me want to scrapbook more...I am usually tied up making cards...LOL..God bless, Pamela

  11. I have that stamp!!!It says 2005. Paper Inspirations, .It is named Father Christmas. I got it last year and love it. I think I got it at Hobby Lobby.Glad to see someone else likes vintage Christmas images. CarolH:)

  12. Shirley -

    That card is stunning. I love your use of the ProMarkers and the signo pen.

    Can I be you when I grow up?

  13. I love vintage looking items and yours is absolutely Beautiful! What a wonderful job you did! I think you should get all those colors for us - not for you, no no, of course not, but for US - so we can see all the awesome things you create with them (there! does that help?)

  14. I forgot to ask - what is that Hallmark Sentiment program you have mentioned? I would love to look into gettiing that if you don't mind.

  15. Connie the program is called Hallmark Card Studio 2008.

  16. All I can say is amazing! You are so talented, I can't believe how beautiful this turned out. Thank you.

  17. Oh My! All this time I thought "they" were just being mean to you - now I find out you really are Queen of the Enablers! ROF LOL Thanks for telling me about the Hallmark Card Studio - I went out, found it, and bought it! Oh My! (Secretly - Thanks for the info I can hardly wait for it to come :-) Connie

  18. You've done it again Okie! I want to pass on to you the Stylish Blogger Award. Not just for your blog, but also because you are a classy lady who so freely shares your crafting ideas! I for one appreciate it!

    Riley's Custom Creations

  19. Very nice. I like the flakes, corners and north pole stamp also. Nice touch!

  20. Beautiful card Shirley I love it. Sry i haven't been around in a while i have been busy with my Blog. Come by and check it out some time.

  21. Beautiful card! I never would have guessed it was a stamped image you colored. You did a great job.

  22. OMGOSH Okie... this card is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the Stamp and the coloring.... SOOO PRETTY!!! :o)

  23. OMG!!! I subscribe and just read your posting...but this card is amazing! and the coloring is fabulous...I had to post a comment

  24. You have to bring this on Saturday and show it to Carol!

    It turned out great!

  25. I love love love this card. I am going to feaqture it next week as part of my Terrifically Talented Thursday post(formerly fab five friday). Hope that is ok! This card is so Christmas and you provided great photos.

    Thanks Linda