Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Early Layouts

I was digging in my pictures stashed in my computer again and came across some layouts that I had posted on the Cricut messageboard not long after I joined and got my Cricut. I searched through my blog and didn't see where I had posted these so I thought I would share them now. So over the next few days I will be showing you some of my early Cricut work!

Oh and let's remember I got my Cricut because I wanted to cut letters, who knew I would love designing and cutting images!

For today I am showing you an Easter layout I did. This is probably one in the first five I did after getting my Cricut. I only had a few carts to work with back then *okie doesn't even want to count her carts right now*.

I am sure I welded the rabbit together with Design Studio. I am not sure about much else on the layout though *okie thinks her memory has probably gotten worse over the last 3 years anyway*.

I know I used mulberry paper for the squares. I think I actually used one of those orange Fiskars templates to do the ovals for the pictures and to do the picture.

The next few days should be interesting looking at some of my earlier Cricut work compared to what I do now!


  1. I love looking at "The First Layouts" It allows you to see how much you have grown. Even tho there are many people who I talk to who want to redo their early work, I encourage them not to. I know I poured my heart and soul into my first grandsons book 12 years ago and even tho it is dated he and I still love to look at it together.

    Sandy R.

  2. Looks good for a beginner. I am impressed!

  3. It is fun to look at LO from when we first started. Thanks for sharing it is a great LO.

  4. I think this LO is so cute. I love the pictures of your dd. I enjoyed looking at this. It is funny when we look back at how far we have gone in our scrapbooking. When we started there was not all the fun things we get to play with now. I think you did an excellent job with what you had...:D) God bless, Pamela

  5. Isn't it funny how we look back at our work from the beginning and think WHAT? were we thinking? LOL
    At least I do with mine! It's a good thing that the scrap world decided to make better products.... Your LO reminds me of some of my LOs.... It's very cute Okie! :o)