Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Easter layout from early days

When I looked at this one I had to laugh because I remember doing this one and thinking what a good job I did on it. I still like the layout but it looks so bare without some extra embellishment and inking!

I was excited when I saw the ovals with the letters in them on the George cart because it just looked like eggs to me and thought it was perfect. And it still is...but man how I want to go back and add faux stitching or something to it! As you can tell I didn't know much about layering papers either. But you have to remember that when I first got my Cricut all my supplies, yes every last one of them, fit in a large Paper Studio scrap tote! *okie is still amazed at how much she has accumulated and so much from her readers and is thankful for everything she has*.

Oh a note on that dress my daughter is wearing....remember I told you guys before that I use to do a lot of sewing, well you guess it! I made that dress! It is a Daisy Kingdom dress. I don't think anything I ever sewed had as much gathering as Daisy Kingdom dresses!

I think this is all the Easter ones from the older layouts..but who knows!


  1. I love you dd dress! I used to sew for my kids, but nothing as nice as this. I also sewed for me and one casual suit, I sewed the sleeves in backward 3 times...I finally wore it that way...LOL...I did not think that it looked too bad, but I am sure other people were thinking...What???
    I love all the pink in this LO...It is darling..God bless, Pamela

  2. Okie this is so cute....I like it the way it is....I look back at some of my "early: stuff and say the same things...if I knew then what I know now!

  3. All my stuff use to fit in a tote too. Now I just stand back, shake my head and feel a little ashamed of myself. (But it doesn't last too long once I walk into the garage and see all the tools my husband has). LOL!! :)

    Great Layout Okie!

    Kathy Wyatt

  4. I don't think you should go back and start changing your older layouts.

    Leaving them just the way they are will give you a good record of what you've learned over the past few years about finding your own style.

    Now I'm going back to my recliner and do some more recuperating from this rotten cold!

  5. WOW... On the Dress Okie! That is one fancy dancy dress.... I wish my mom made me dresses like that! I also like the bows you added to each picture and the large one in the center... You've come a long way lady! :o)

  6. I love these older LOs ... even then you were great with it ... but just think of how far you have come since then.

    BTW ... I think this LO is super. I see that even back then, you had a passion for the mica paper (or is that a pearlescent?)

    Love the pretty dress too ... you did an amazing job on it. I don't know what a Daisy Kingdom dress is, but this one is very pretty, it has a kind of Cinderella look to it ... in fact, so does the entire LO.