Monday, July 19, 2010

Sometimes stalkers

Can be a nice thing!! *okie cracks up laughin* There is a Cricut MB member by the name of JenH that is also on facebook. Well she and I have gotten where we correspond almost daily on facebook now. Just a few days ago she pm'd me on facebook

Jen: Hey I need your address.... NO not to stalk you! tee-hee!

Me: OH sure!! Get me all excited thinking you are gonna stalk me and then you say you aren't! LOL

Jen: LOL!! I will if ya really want me to! LOL!!! What I'm sending is better than me stalking you anyway! HAHA!!! Now you can stalk the mail man! Hope ya like it!! I saw it and had to grab it for you!

Well I won't post the rest of conversation but I questioned about what she was sending me. If any of you know Jen you likely would have asked the same question I did! *okie cracks up and knows if Jen reads this okie is gonna be in big trouble*.

So anyway today I get mail. And I get mail from Jen. And LO AND BEHOLD!! I got the most BEAUTIFUL AND BESTEST scissors ever!!

Who knew they made ladybug scissors?? I sure didn't!! But I have some now!

Thanks so much Jen! It was very sweet *okie thinks and maybe a little stalkerish* of you to think of me and send me something you knew I would just love!


  1. Thanks for NOT posting the rest of the conversation!!! LOL!!! Glad you like it!! Like I said I saw them and had to ummm sort of five finger them. Oh that sounded bad too! I'm going to shut up now! BUHAHAHA!!!

    I figured after all the laughs and smiles you have brought me, I owe you one or ten!! ;)

    Aren't you glad it's NOT what you thought it was?! {{{Blush}}}

  2. How very sweet of Jen! Love the scissors!!! :)

  3. What great scissors!!! Sounds like you got a stalker Okie! I mean come on Scissors???? HUMMM They can be a deadly weapon! Or soooo I'm told! Buhahahhha :) I think it's nice of her to send them to ya! Enjoy! :)

  4. These are AWESOME! What a sweet gift.

  5. What a sweet gift.....Friends are so great aren't they!

  6. Oh how fun ... Ladybug scissors, who knew! =) =) =)