Monday, July 19, 2010

Merci - French Manor

Okay if ya don't know you know now that I did join the Cricut Circle *of course okie only joined for 3 months, the whole fear of commitment thing even haunts okie in her little crafting world*. I just had to see what it is all about *okie thinks her nosiness will one day get her into some serious trouble*. I have been dying to use the French Manor cart but couldn't ever decide what I wanted to make. I think I mentioned in a post before about having too many choices and then getting nothing done because I can't choose!

Yesterday I designed the card in Design Studio and had to do some welding on it for the frame, other than that it is simple cuts. But I didn't have time to cut it then. I was going to get home tonight and get it done but I decided to color my hair *okie knows her facebook friends have seen the non-gray okie now* before I cut the card. Of course I cut four of the card but only got one completely done tonight *okie wonders if anyone always gets everything done that they plan*.

Supplies Used -
Cricut Expressions
French Manor cartridge
Crate Paper Crush Collection
Hot set gems
SU Chocolate Chip marker
Cat Eye Chalk ink dark brown

I did hand cut the golden paper in the tail and wing. I didn't want to spend all that time clicking to do the hide contour and it only took me a few seconds. I also had to make a few snips in the flourish at the bottom of the frame.

Okay I might have lied earlier when I said it was simple cuts. Those dang peacocks and scrolls too FOREVER to get done cutting! It might not be so bad if I could just do one, but....I can't.

Here you can see the gems a little better. That I-Rock...well - IT ROCKS! I had been using a Hot Marks tool and I find the I-Rock much more simple to use. You can see where I added gems to his crown, eye and tail. The crown and tail are 2mm and the tail gems are 3mm. You can click the picture if you want to see more detail.

Someone asked for the .cut file for this card, not sure why I didn't post it before but here it is now! *okie grins*


  1. Gorgeous card! I think I need an I-Rock.

  2. Looks like that peacock cut is a favorite of those who have received their cartridge. Mine is still stuck in customs UGH! I hate how long it takes things to get to Italy. This is a beautiful, beautiful card. I'm glad I was up early and got to be first. :0)

  3. You are so right baout the peacocks being favorites I LOVE that cut! I have used it already 5-6 times :)

    Your card is beautiful!

  4. This is really pretty!! The peacock cut is why I want the circle. Great job

  5. OKie...This doesn't sound soooo easy to make... :o) but it does look lovely! So glad I'm not the only one who makes several of one card! :)

  6. Oh Okie it is beautiful! Love the colors and now I think I need an I-Rock too!

  7. lovely card!
    I haven't played with my cart. yet, but I think I need to now:-)
    Really nice

  8. That i-rock looks interesting. Thanks for the review. And yes, I can relate to having too many choices that I don't know what to do & then nothing gets done - all the time!

  9. Okie - This looks gorgeous!! Love it!!.I love how you have doodled too.

  10. That is so pretty! I have been wanting to do this cut, but haven't had time yet. I want the Irock!! I'm on a list to be called when it comes in :-)

    And no one ever gets everything done that they want to. I think I have 10 projects to cut from my Gypsy right now!!

  11. I love it! I am waiting for them to open up the circle again so I can join...should have jumped off the fence sooner.

  12. Can you say ... WOW!!! Such a beautiful card ... and I really like the jewels on the feathers, the perfect embellishment! =)

  13. Ut Ohhhh ... I suppose I need to get an I-Rock now too???? =(

    pssst ... got the jewels ... LOVE 'EM!!! =)

  14. This is amazing and I am glad you were honest. It looks that you put hours into it. Thinking it up would take me hours. I love all the gems and I need to look up I-Rock. Things that rock are important.
    Thanks Okie,

  15. great! I love your peacock too!

  16. Okie I love this! My MIL does peacocks in her house (decorations not THAT get your mind out of the gutter LOL) so I have someone Hopefully cutting me some! I hope you enjoy the circle, you will have to tell all us non circles about it!

  17. Okie!!!

    You have been awarded the SUNSHINE BLOG AWARD!!!

    Come on over to my blog and pick it up!!

    LOVE your creation from the French Manor cart. :)

  18. First Card I have seen from French Manor. I like it! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Okay, I must have senioritis today. I cannot see the .cut file link to this gorgeous card. Can someone point me to it?

    I think this is one of my favorites Okie.

  20. Bev, not sure why I didn't include the .cut file before but it is there now LOL

  21. Thanks Okie. I was beginning to think my 50 year old eyes were failing me!