Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sure I can make a purse.......WTF?? A COACH IS WHAT YOU WANT??

My BFF asked if I could make a purse for her coworker. She said her coworker had bought a purse for her DD and when BFF showed the lady her purse I had made her she wanted to know if she could have one made. Well of course that is easy.

BUT NNOO!! BFF says I can make one like the one she bought her daughter.....what was the purse she bought?? A COACH! Now how am I suppose to make a Coach bag? Then BFF says "it is tan, it has zebra stripes and light green stripes, it is called a sling something". So at this point I am thinking "WTF YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT??"

Well I get on the internet look at some Coach bags. I found one on TBBM that I think I can alter.....okay that should be okay. But then I thought " is it going to be a Coach without all the C's!!". Well BFF wanted to put "some of that stickler stuff on it and just write C's". YEAH RIGHT! That ain't happening!

Well after some photo finagling *yes that is a word....I looked it up in the dictionary* I was able to come up with something!!

And this is the result!!!!


****************UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE********************

What has my BFF started?? OMG I am going to have a ton of these little bags sitting around my house! Do I need them?? NOOO!! Will I use them?? Probably not! So why am I making them? BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM NOW! I just have to see if I can do it, have to make more.....need to make more........
Oh and this one is my ~RAZZI BAG~ in order of ~Scraparazzi~ who is a serious Coach lover, a Cricut MB member and one Fantabulous card maker!! OH yeah.......and she looks like a freaking super model!! *sometimes okie doesn't like Razzi for this, but it is only jealousy*

okay going to bed now.......but will get up tomorrow and make more.....


  1. Okay, I was headed to bed and thought I would read just on last blog before heading upstairs...what a nice laugh I got out of this! Your description is priceless!

  2. You are too funny !! love reading your stuff always get a good chuckle !! great job on designing the bags !!

  3. How in the heck did you make the "C"s? I absolutely love the bags - you did an amazing job. BTW I'm a lurker (maybe stalker) of yours who checks the blog each day - Good Work!!

  4. Okie, you go girl!!! These are soo cute. What girl wouldn't want a coach? And look at you , you even put the C's on there. So much talent! TFS
    Um Buggin

  5. I think your purses (and everything else you've come up with) is just adorable! I've been seeing your stuff all over Cricut's message boards, and your cards are stunning!

  6. OMG!! Those are sooo darn cute! I am definetly going to have to try and make a few!!

  7. OKIE...You are too much! You could seriously sell those bags on eBay! They are fantastic!

    Coach and Cricut addict :)

  8. Another super fantastic job!

    Always love to read your commentary. You are a riot!! :-D

  9. Hi Okie, I saw a post on the CDS MB linking to your Coach Purse. It is adorable! I read your instructions for how to download a file, but my monitor is AWFUL! I cannot find the highlighted word. Can you give me a hint? Thanks so much for sharing your awesome file! GailHeinecke

  10. There isn't a cut file for the purses since they were made with Tags, Bags, Boxes and more. Usually if there is a cut file link the cut file title will be all caps, or the words will at least start with caps. Hope that helps.