Saturday, June 14, 2008

I think scrapbooking is down the drain.....

AT LEAST FOR NOW! I am having so much fun with the cards that my LO's are suffering! *hangs head in shame*. A MB member....SusanW...had posted a cut file for a card back in February and I just fell in love with the design. I have made a few of these and thought I needed to put them on my blog!

This first one was ones I did for a card swap. I had forgotten I entered the swap until AMTRAMMELL pm'd me about it! ACCKKK!! Well I was able to quickly whip up a few of these cards for the swap! I liked the denim look that I got with this one. I used Zig pens to doodle. The sentiment is a Studio G stamp. I did emboss the edges of the flowers with an embossing tool for some extra dimension.

This card I made last night. I actually was playing with some alcohol inks. I had seen some butterflies that A.Go from the MB did and I loved them! I used some photo paper I had laying around and started mixing the inks on a felt pad. I think I used stream, butterscotch and either cranberry or wild plum. BTW....does anyone know how to get the ink off your fingers? I don't have one of those application things so.....well you can guess the tips of my fingers are stained quite nicely! HA HA HA *shrugs shoulders* I guess it will wear off eventually. The Mat paper on this one was some I got at a scrapbook garage sale. It kinda looks like tile and the paper even had a bit of rubbery feel to it. I wanted muted colors so the flower would be the attention of the card. Again the stamping is with Studio G's...OMG DON'T YA LOVE EM!!

Right now the cricut MB won't come up for me so I can't post a link to the original post that Susan W. did but I will post it late once the MB lets me on. *okie wonders if she forgot to pay homage to the cricut gods*

Oh it must have heard me talking about it because it let me on right after I posted this!! Anyway if you would like the TABBED FLOWER CARD you can get it from the link provided, the file is in the first post of the thread. And if ya do get it why not drop SusanW a thank you for creating such a wonderful card!!


  1. Hi there again! Thanks for the link just lovin this card. Don't know where to contact susan W to say thankyou but voted again for the wedding couple. Woo hoo looks they are in front.

  2. You have lovely cards!!!

    Hugs from Finland

  3. These are lovely cards !! i love alcohol inks but i can never get it off my hands either lol !!

  4. Bite your tongue! Scrapbooking down the drain?! Sounds like you need a crop-intervention!

  5. Love the card. Would love to know how you made it Okie

  6. HI!! I know exactly what you mean. I think I havne made 5 LOs so far this year, and probably ten times as many cards...
    Love your tutorials by the way, and you rule the CDS!

    from Cricut MB