Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celebrate Father's Day!

By giving poor ol' dad another shirt! HA HA HA

A MB member was having difficulty with putting together the MAN'S SHIRT CARD. I realized I did that file before I started doing detailed instructions so I told her I would take pictures and include instructions.

On the mats there is one that says "base trial" that is for reference only.....don't cut it, it is just so you can see where pieces should be placed.
You will want to cut the following mats:

These are the cuts you end up with, well minus the pocket, not sure where that little bugger ran off to when it was photo time! It must have been camera shy!! The arrows show where the score lines are, if you have problems seeing them in this photo click the photo and it will enlarge and you can see them better.

After you score then you will fold in, like so.

Next you will want to line up your collars on the front of the shirt. They do not get attached to the back of the shirt. However you line them up with the angle on the back collar.

When you adhere them down make sure you do not apply the adhesive to where the collar is lifted up, this is where the tie will go. I just added adhesive to the bottom pointed part of the collar. I didn't like the white collar in the back so I just cut a piece of card stock for the back of the collar and glued it to the inside of the card.

Apply adhesive to the back of the tie. It will be the right hand side on the WRONG side of the time. ONLY APPLY TO HALF, click on the picture if you need to see more detail.

Line up the tie under the collar, the bottom point should be on the line of the shirt front.

Here we have the pocket and handkerchief. See I did find that pocket! He was hiding under the mat.....ornery little pocket!!

Sorry this next pic is bad, my camera messes up sometimes.

Anyway apply adhesive to the bottom of the handkerchief *yes I know it is a heart.......but it gets the job done! HA HA HA*

After you get the tie and pocket in place you should have something like this picture. DO NOT APPLY ADHESIVE TO THE RIGHT COLLAR END.

The tie tucks under that part of the collar as seen in this picture.

Once all put together you should have a shirt! I did add some stitching lines and also a mini brad to work as the tie tack.


  1. Very Cute Card!!!

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